The Sin Of Placing Christian Children In Public Schools

Challenging the greatest idol of our time – public schools!  Please diminish anecdotal stories and personal accounts one may have experienced, step back and look at the broader truth.  Trust in the Spirit of God to renew your mind through his Word to better understand His commands in the raising of your children.  Much of the Biblical teaching can be found in our brochure here.

1 thought on “The Sin Of Placing Christian Children In Public Schools”

  1. Public schools, AKA government schools, have corrupted our greatest treasures, our children. Instead of character training, their character has been corrupted. Instead of academic learning, social promotion.

    School Administration: I served as a principal in four Christian schools, grades kindergarten through twelve. This included helping found one school, reorganizing one school and crisis management in another.

    Academics: I taught Christian Philosophy of Education at Central Bible College.

    See research on my website.

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