Join Us Boomers On The Public Sidewalks Along The Sioux Falls Pride Parade Route June 10, As Sioux Falls Pride Meets Sioux Falls Humility!

Dear Pastor, Church leaders and other Christian men;                                         

Per my request several men from my men’s weekly Community early-bird Bible Study have decided to have a very public presence at the Sioux Falls, SD Homosexual Pride Parade June 10.  We are ‘Boomers.’ The men range in age from 65 to 80.  I asked these men to come to Sioux Falls to, first, publicly confess our sins of omission for our past decades of cowardice, apathy and silence in the public square during the advance of the sexual revolution against God’s Law.  Second, we will also call the homosexuals and others lost in sexual sin to repent and turn to Christ.  We intend to use large signs (3’x5’ and 4’x10’) and may have printed literature to pass out. Postal and email invitations have been going out to church leaders for several weeks.

The Holy Spirit convicted us through our study of the book of Jeremiah and now Ezekiel of our sinful omissions and our need to act, to speak up.  Here are some other texts demonstrating our sin of not speaking up. (Lev. 5:1, 19:17, Deut. 13:6-8; 1 Kings 1:6a).

The paralysis and fear of Jeremiah 6:24 must end.  ‘May the Lord shield us and may the feeblest among us become like David.’  (Zechariah 12:8) This group is made up of members of the Christian Reformed Church (primarily), Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and Baptist church. But any and all Trinitarian Christian men, who rightly fear God, are encouraged to join us in this time of public repentance!

Though the idea started in this Bible study, Rescue The Perishing is the one organizing this event.  The Sioux Falls Pride group has set their parade date for June 10, 2023.  Christian friends from Aiken, S.C. are planning to join us. We hope many more will respond like this.

We are not going as some sort of self-righteous heroes, as we know we are coming decades late to the contest. We cry out to God in prayer for His forgiveness of our past silence, His blessing on this public confession of our past sins and His blessings as we then call the sexual miscreants to join us in repentance and faith in Christ! To see the artwork for some of the signs we want carry, click Here. Here’s one below.

This is to extend an invitation to your church and/or your organization to join with us.  You can stand with us or organize your own public repentance and calling the sexual miscreants to repent, a few blocks further down the parade route.

Share this link with the pastors, elders and other men of your church. This invitation is for men of all ages, starting with Boomers.

We are holding a Solemn Assembly the night before in Sioux Falls. A humble yet fearless 41 yr. minister of the Gospel, Rev. Dr. Wayne Sedlak is scheduled to lead us in preaching as to why “We” need to repent and then lead us in prayer. See his recent sermons on this point here.

June 9, 7:00pm Solemn Assembly (location to be announced to those who register) Listen to Rev. Sedlak’s April 30, 2023, sermon on the duty of the Church to repent. Click Here.

Some sermon quotes:
“His[sic David’s] older brother became his enemy as it were….David found a united testimony against standing against Goliath…..We have sinned.  That’s the ‘we.’ Silent in the face of the dominion of unrighteousness. And then of course our theologians go forth and invent all kinds of theologies to justify why we continue to sit back and do nothing instead of first and foremost repenting.”

“There’s one thing about devotions – they’re safe. They’re necessary, but they’re safe. If that’s all Godliness is, there’s no mystery to Godliness. The mystery to Godliness is how you reconcile turning the other cheek to imprecations.”

June 10, 9:00am: Gather on Public Sidewalks on Sioux Falls Pride parade route.

To join you must register Click