Common-law 5th Amendment Plea

An attorney familiar with R.J. Rushdoony’s works on God’s Law and his writings on the 5th Amendment and a past law school student of James Duane (the best 5th Amendment law school professor in America) provided Rescue the Perishing this 5th Amendment plea.  We have friends who are laminating this plea and placing it in their bill-folds.  This is the real 5th Amendment.

“On the advice of my lawyer, I respectfully decline to answer on the basis of the Fifth Amendment, which—according to the United States Supreme Court—protects everyone, even innocent people, from the need to answer questions if the truth might be used to help create the misleading impression that they were somehow involved in a crime that they did not commit.”


Guilty: Sioux County Attorney Kunstle Recommends $650 Fine, Magistrate Charges $65: Why Dan Pluim There?

The verdict came in today in my 5th degree criminal mischief case in the Sioux County, Iowa District Court.  (Sioux County is heavily populated by Dutch Reformed Christians, who’ve let their once strong faith seriously backslide.)  I was found guilty.  I offered no defense of my actions as, per the

prior request of the Sioux County Attorney Tom Kunstle, the Cherokee County, IA Magistrate Lisa Mazurek (pictured above) previously denied my ability to present the very defense of my actions which I intended to argue.   As a result I also  waived my right for a Jury Trial because there was no way I would be acquitted by the narrow law being applied and the court-ordered limitations on my defense.  What I didn’t want was the enemies of God crowing, “He was found guilty by a Jury of his peers in the most conservative county in Iowa.”

After conviction, Kunstle  then recommended to the court that I pay the highest fine possible amount under the law: $650 plus court costs because my act was “so brazen”.  But Magistrate Mazurek assessed me the lowest amount of $65 plus court costs and surcharge, totaling $147.75.

Sioux County Magistrate Dan Pluim (pictured above), who had previously recused himself from the case without any real cause still showed up in the back row to watch the proceedings.

Meanwhile, see my full Press Release here.

More troubling, last week I presented a Motion to the Court which she never responded to.  All other Motions and Requests were acted on very promptly.  But this Motion, entered prior to waiving my Jury Trial, was to amend the  Jury instructions which County Attorney Kunstle had proposed for her approval.  I asked to  amend it to include instructions as to where the authority comes from for the Magistrate (or any Judge) to require the Jury to only rule on the facts and that they must use only the law the Magistrate provides them to determine if the facts conform to this law, or not.  To further understand my request see this copy of the Exhibit that was attached to my request of the Court.

I filed several other motions after that.  Before I waived my Jury Trial Magistrate Mazurek ruled on the later Motions but never responded to my Motion to amend the Jury instructions.  Silence!  Why?  Could it be that there is no authority in law and that for  400 years the principle, under Common-law (which also brought us ‘due process, ‘right to face our accusers, ‘ ‘right to examine evidence’,  ‘open court rooms’ (no more Star Chambers), et al),  has been well established until the last few generations, that  the Jury always retained the power to ignore or nullify the Judge’s orders?

Note: Sitting for voir dire once years ago I was asked by the attorney for one party that ‘If I was selected to be on the Jury panel would I be willing to swear an oath that only the Judge would be allowed to rule on the law and limit my vote to the facts applied to the law the Judge provided us.’  I asked the attorney who would be administering such an oath. He replied that it would be senior district #3A Judge  Frank B. Nelson.  I then turned to the Judge on the bench and said, “Then he’d be violating His oath of office to ensure the defendant is to be tried by a jury of his peers with all due process protections under the Iowa Constitution (Article 1, Section 9) including the Jury’s authority to rule on both the law and the facts.” I advised those in the courtroom to seek out the Jury Trial of William Penn back in England (whom Pennsylvania is named after) and read the history of how the Jury in his case was willing to go to prison before yielding up their power to void the King’s law against preaching.  (The King had sent the jury to jail until they came back and honored his unjust law and render  a guilty verdict.   Judge Nelson never disputed it, never looked up and simply grunted, “Dorr, you can go.”

One more note: I once asked Federal Judge O’Brien in US District Court in Sioux City on a point of law.  The question was, ‘what could he do to punish jurors if they decided during jury deliberations to ignore his orders forbidding them from ruling on the law? And instead voted to nullify it in the particular case before them.’  Red faced he replied, “Nothing”.  I replied, “Funny you didn’t tell those jurors that before you sent them off to deliberate.”

Sanctions on the career await any attorney who dare advise members of a Jury that they can rule to nullify the law as well as on the facts.

So why is this all important?
If I had been allowed by Magistrate Mazurek to argue the nature and cause of my case by dragging in a library board member and have them read from these filthy children’s books and then advise them that they can rule on the law as well as the facts, the possibility of my being acquitted by an Orange City , Iowa Jury would have been greatly enhanced.   Per the request of the Sioux County Attorney Tom Kunstle the game was “rigged” to deny me an acquittal before I ever walked into that courtroom.

Meanwhile,  prior to my sentencing I then closed with a portion of the national anthem of the Netherlands titled Wilhelmus, below, regarding William of Nassau-Orange – of whom Orange City, IA was named in honor of.   (Many in the media asked about this statement after the case was over).

Statement to Magistrate Lisa Mazurek prior to sentencing.

I would like my closing statement to be the recitation of the final two stanzas of Wilhelmus, the national anthem of the Netherlands. It was written in the 16th Century as a gift to William of Nassau of the House of Orange aka William the Silent. And it was penned as if it was in first person, telling his story.  William of Nassau was the leader of the Dutch independence movement breaking from the rule of the King of Spain.

One hundred years later it was conceived essentially as the anthem of the House of Orange-Nassau and its supporters.

Finally, according to Wikipedia (which is not always reliable) the melody of this song is used, with rewritten English lyrics, as the alma mater of Northwestern College here in Orange City.  This city is named for the House of Orange.  And here in Sioux County, Nassau Township lies just south of Hwy 10 here in Orange City.

Your honor:  Wilhelmus

“…Pray God that He may ease you. His Gospel be your cure. Walk in the steps of Jesus. This life will not endure.  Unto the Lord His power I do confession make, That ne’er at any hour Ill of the King I spake.  But unto God, the greatest of majesties I owe obedience, first and last, For Justice wills it so.”

I closed stating, Your honor I burned those books because I, too, owe obedience  unto the living God that I serve and to provide justice to the children of Orange City.  Like William of Orange, it is His standard of justice I submitted to.  And now I place myself in your hands madam.

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged…..Judges!

See the NW Iowa Judicial Hall of Shame Below!

The late District Associate Judge Cameron Arnold (raised a Presbyterian) of Spirit Lake, IA, once reported to Rescue the Perishing’s Paul Dorr that he served as President of the Iowa Judges Association for one term in the late 1980s. He remained a member of the Association for a short time after finishing his term and then dissociated himself with it. When asked why he separated from them Judge Arnold replied, “There is something ominous, something dark about judges.  They truly do believe they are God on earth.  The only hope is for the Church to be humbled and stirred up to hold the judiciary accountable or this branch of government will destroy Christian civilization. It will never reform from within.”

It’s much worse in the Federal Courts.  Lt. General Michael Flynn’s Attorney, the courageous Sidney Powell, has written two bold books  exposing the systemic corruption in the US Department of Justice. She  wrote, disgustingly, in her recent book Conviction Machine, “There is an old joke that God wears a robe in Heaven because he thinks he is a federal judge.”  They might tremble if they read Psalm 82.

The late Iowa Judge Arnold encouraged me to press on against such immoral people seeking the bench.

He also observed that married judges, who never divorced make legal divorce more difficult for couples as they push them to reconcile; and that the number of younger divorced lawyers seeking the bench (back then) will throw open wide the destruction of marriage, said Judge Arnold.

My then-pastor Rev. Phil Schmidt, Westminster Reformed Church, Alton, Iowa and I spent one afternoon in his Dickinson County, IA court chambers discussing theology, law, God’s Law, etc.  Judge Arnold was a wise man with a broad knowledge base and a keen intellect.  He loved to balance mercy with justice.

For years after his death my wife and I enjoyed spending time with his widow Karen, (now deceased) discussing the things of the Christian faith.  She was honored to allow us to name our judicial reform efforts The Cameron Arnold Judicial Reform Initiative, (CAJRI) even defending her decision when lawyers called to ‘warn her’ about me.  She told me that she told them “‘Cam’ would support Mr. Dorr’s work with this.”

Below is a list of some of District #3 Judges that CAJRI has tried to publicly hold up to God’s Law with efforts that I believe Judge Arnold would have appreciated.

NOTE: But worse than the Judges, will be the effeminate Pastors who no longer preach God’s Law to a people who so desperately need to hear it (in its full exposition) and apply it by grace to their lives and communities.  These silent shepherds then falsely convince themselves that they have nothing to say in the public square while such judges listed below, run amuck. (Note: If the reader wants to start a life changing study of the Law of God on their own and they have time to listen at the Gym, behind the windshield, or for private studies at home,  start here.)

Meanwhile, Cherokee, Iowa County Magistrate Lisa Mazurek will need to appeal to the current panel comprising the District #3A Nominating Commission  (found here) if she wishes to again apply, the next time a higher court vacancy opens up in NW Iowa.


Chuck Barlow, Spirit Lake – When confronted with his adultery against the ‘wife of his youth’ who worked to put him through law school, he never denied it and babbled over the phone as to how he thought he was a good judge, worthy of retention vote. Reports of his second wife were not honorable.

Tom Hamilton, Spirit Lake – details of his divorce were not known, but he was caught lying to his fellow commission members to get them to table their nominating committee meeting and open the application process back up. A survey of all the county clerks of court in District #3A proved he lied to his committee. Why did he do this?  Too many God-fearing lawyers had applied. According to Judge Arnold at the time, Hamilton sent Barlow down to Spencer to recruit Pat Carr to apply.

Patrick Carr, Spencer – recipient of Hamilton’s chicanery and could never provide me a plausible answer as to why he wasn’t interested in applying for the nomination the first go-around, but a few weeks after Hamilton’s lie, he suddenly wanted to apply.  A lawyer from Lyon County contacted me later with a heart-wrenching account of Patrick Carr awarding primary custody of a young girl to a man’s ex-wife, who admitted in court that she placed her young daughter down to sleep in the closet of the same bedroom where she was having sexual relations with one of her several paramours.  With no evidence this ex-wife promised Carr that she’d ‘get better.’

Jim Scott, Rock Valley – After his nomination he was asked to give an account of the divorce of his first marriage.  He refused.  He was later asked to confirm or deny three independent reports (which I assured him had not been passed on to anyone by me) from individual Rock Valley citizens (none aware of the others), that he previously had a significant drug problem.  He refused to deny it and filed a ‘security risk’ report on me with his County Sheriff.  His Sheriff called laughing and said, “Well I haven’t heard this before, but his over-reaction tells me to keep on eye on him.”

Carl Peterson, Rock Rapids – He was asked in writing to account for two varying sordid stories of his committing adultery on his wife. The party mentioned as his paramour was, according to court records, his second wife.   According to a local attorney she had previously been his family baby-sitter.  He never confirmed nor denied the allegations and said he refused to respond to the inquiries.

Nancy Whittenburg, Spencer – Once divorced, provable misandrist, previous ¼ owner of Whittenburg Budweiser dealership while presiding over OWI cases (family later sold company) and had previously served as Chairperson of the Planned Parenthood Advisory Council of Spencer.  PP has promoted teen sexual sin and the killing of pre-born babies for a couple of generations.   Dorr was the recipient of several  accounts of Whittenburg’s deviant personal moral conduct (prior to her appointment to the bench)  but all parties were frightened to go on the record as she was soon to be sworn in as a judge.

Jeff Neary, Merrill – The Judge who opened the door to homosexual marriages in Iowa by first illegitimately recognizing Iowa jurisdiction over a Vermont homosexual civil union.  CAJRI lit-dropped several thousand fliers on church parking lots in District #3B prior to his retention vote.

Dan Vakulskas – This was the District Associate judge that Sioux County Attorney Kunstle and Magistrate Judge Dan Pluim first mentioned to take my case after Pluim recused himself.  I objected to Vakulskas in Court. He wasn’t selected. Judge Vakulskas left his family’s Sioux City law firm before being appointed to the bench in January 2019. His mother stepped down as Chair of the Woodbury County Republican Party, some years ago, after I exposed that this same family law practice was the legal defense team for the entire porn industry in Sioux City. Now he sits in Judgment in Sioux and Plymouth Counties.

Meanwhile, three God-fearing and very experienced lawyers, each with one marriage and several children applied several times over the last 25 years and not one of them once received a nomination to the bench by the Nominating Commissions of Iowa District #3.  Several years ago one was privately told by a lawyer-member of the #3A Nominating Commission, that he’d never be nominated because his religious views on marriage would slow down the divorce court.  Two of the three no longer practice law in NW Iowa. Divorce and family court are big money for many Iowa lawyers, not an unforeseen possibility by some nearly 50 years ago.

“The business of divorce has become so profitable to a large number of communities which specialize in catering to migrants (sic. into a state/region) seeking divorce that the states in which such places are situated will make divorce laws easy enough to attract trade.”

The Reformational Understanding Of Family And Marriage, by Rev. E. L. Hebden Taylor, p 30, © 1970, Craig Press. Rev. Taylor, father of six and an honors graduate of Trinity Hall, Cambridge University, England, was a former professor at Dordt College, Sioux Center, IA.  Dordt has rarely hired a professor of Taylor’s caliber since.

“And He said, “Woe to you also, lawyers! For you load men with burdens hard to bear, and you yourselves do not touch the burdens with one of your fingers.” Luke 11:46

“God stands in the congregation of the mighty; He judges among the gods.
How long will you judge unjustly, And show partiality to the wicked? Selah
3 Defend the poor and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy; Free them from the hand of the wicked.They do not know, nor do they understand; They walk about in darkness; All the foundations of the earth are unstable. I said, “You are gods, And all of you are children of the Most High. But you shall die like men, And fall like one of the princes.” Arise, O God, judge the earth; For You shall inherit all nations.”   Psalm 82:1-8