The Failure Of Public Education Via ‘No Apologies’ Abstinence Education


Rescue the Perishing has stood against all classroom sex talk (including abstinence education), drug-ed, death-ed, etc. for decades. The last 15 years we’ve come out squarely against Christ-less public education. Recently, the Cherish House of Spirit Lake sponsored one such “prevention” abstinence program called No Apologies for Teens. They talk about sex in a group setting apart from the parents. A few nights before the kids meeting, they have a meeting with the parents….standard fare for abstinence education programs fro 25 years.

RTP lit dropped the parent’s parking lot in January of 2016 with our flier on The Sin of Public Education. As often happens we received an anonymous response in the mail from a NW Iowa Christian mother. It is filled with false-hoods and guilt manipulation, not uncommon in modern evangelicalism. It is sad to what depths such people bow to justify their sinful abandonment of their children.

RTP responded to it here. Her text is in black and my response is in red. Never forget how easy and brief it is to make false statements about people. It takes a bit more time and work to unwind their lies.