Alpha Center’s Degrading “Abstinence” Material Being Used 25 Years Ago!

November 2, 1992 Rescue The Perishing distributed leaflets to most of the 1,000 Christians going into the Alpha Center’s Annual Banquet held at the Ramkota Hotel Convention Center, Sioux Falls, SD.  Alan Unruh walked up to groups of Christians in the parking lot and told them not to take our material.  Here is the flier on their Christ-less classroom sex talk that we handed out that night.  The one these “abstinence” peddlers (Unruh’s) didn’t want the Christian parents to see.  How many young people were set on a path of sexual degradation, which they may still be on today, by the support of thousands of Christians in this region?  This was so well received she went on to launch this into a national sexual guilt/money machine, called the National Abstinence Clearing House.  It’s all a fraud and most of the kids know it!