Is God Judging Christian Use Of Contraception In Marriage With The Covid “Jab’s” Sterilization Of Young Women?

See Paul Dorr’s editorial submitted to a local NW Iowa newspaper which, as expected, never published it.
Letter to the Editor
NW Iowa Review
Sheldon, IA
July 22, 2022

Re: Contraception leading up to the “jab” killings and domestic depopulation.

Dear Editor,
I have been standing against the fake ‘abstinence education’ training of Christian children for 30 years.  It was never Biblical, and it primarily taught sexual hypocrisy to over a generation of NW Iowa kids, while never using God’s Law/Word.

Deb and I have stood against feminism in the churches (women working out of the homes), birth-control within marriage and the so-called “neutral” education of covenant children. Even most Christian schools have failed.

As to birth control, the Dutch Annotations to the Bible as commissioned by the Synod of Dort, said Onan’s act (Genesis 38) of withdrawing prior to ejaculation was “as if he had (in a manner) pulled forth the fruit of the mother’s womb and destroyed it.” John Calvin’s commentary said Onan invoked the same crime as abortion, “infecting the earth by his semen, in order that Tamar might not conceive a future human being as an inhabitant of the earth.”  Martin Luther called it a “Sodomitic sin.”  What we have done is empty the churches and “a people yet created are [not] praising the Lord.” (Psalm 102:18). Until the Anglican’s Lambeth Conference of 1932 Protestants and Catholics universally understood the Bible condemned contraception within marriage.

In our lifetimes such understanding of Genesis 38 has been reduced to condescending scoffs at such ‘foolish understandings.  (In contrast, Deut. 25:5-10 refutes the modernist spin on Gen. 38 that Onan’s sin was that he didn’t pass on his deceased brother’s name, via his widow.)  The result? Fornication and adultery are widespread, our family sizes have collapsed, marriages/families are shattered, feminism is taking over the churches as it already has the homes, courts, schools, and media. All the while the Fed keeps printing fake money so we can all borrow more, and they can fund more government subsidies (for most to take) and we think the economy is doing great!

Not all have let it go unnoticed.  US Supreme Court jurist Clarence Thomas wrote in his concurring opinion in the recent Dobbs case ‘overturning’ Roe v Wade, that, “…in future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell,” Thomas wrote, referring to rulings concerning contraception access, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage.  Griswold was their case that made the illegal distribution of contraception in Connecticut (one of the last Comstock laws), “legal” setting us on this suicidal course.

When the young people who started Iowa Pro-Life Action, over ten years ago, sought my opinion on fighting abortion, I advised them that if you don’t deal with marital contraception and classroom sex talk then don’t bother starting another group.  It’s a longer more sacrificial road, but in the end, God will bless it.  Their founder said, “Sorry we aren’t doing that.”  OK, go nowhere against surgical nor chemical abortion, I thought to myself.  And they’ve gone nowhere.

God’s patience has its limits. His wrath will be poured out on such a wicked people who still call themselves Christians!

Since I was a young man the pulpits, education system, judiciary, media, medical community and the legislatures all nudged people along into this nearly sterile, joyless and Christ-less sexual revolution. As E. Michael Jones’ coined it ‘proliphobia’ then set in.  That is, an unnatural fear of those with large families.  With 11 children (and now 34 grandchildren) we saw it mostly in the ‘conservative’ Reformed churches that we visited. Many mocked us. 

Now our community neighbors who arrived here from the Triangle countries (with their large families) really freak out most in NW Iowa!  Go up to the Bigelow, MN CRC church at 10:45am some Sunday morning and be stunned, and yet at the same time, deeply ashamed, as you watch these large young families pour in to use their church building to worship God, leaving not one empty seat. They condemn us.

These ‘authorities’ told us to enjoy our sexual ‘liberty’ or else they sat functionally quiet when others gave license to all kinds of sexual sin, and taught most young couples that limiting the size of Christian families was prudent.  And most church members did this while focusing on their “wealth” creation, oblivious to the warnings of Deut. 8:11-20.  And so a gray malaise, a paralysis has now set in. I began decrying the demographic winter that was coming in the late 1980s. Few cared to listen.

Here’s where I now see God’s hand, judging us.  Over the last 18 months most of these same authorities told us it was safe to go get two Covid jabs and two boosters and then, well…… ‘go jump off a cliff’ with one’s health.  So why would most question their advice now?  Afterall, they were the same authorities that accommodated our sin for two generations. 

Most fools did take the shots, even some doctors I know.

And now reports are coming in from health professionals, scientists, government officials, etc., that it was ‘suicide’ for many.  These shots are proving far more deadly than anything that could happen to us if our 2nd Amd. rights were stripped from us.

It has become a common occurrence for deceased Americans in their 40’s and 50’s to be listed in obituaries as “died unexpectantly.” I know of some who didn’t even tell their spouse they got the “jab” and after they died their surviving spouse found out from a friend that “she hid it from you.”   Reports of massive clotting problems, menses problems among younger women, young mothers miscarrying, and birth numbers heading down are exploding across the land; all the while male testosterone and sperm counts are collapsing. Here’s one of many such studies and reports that have come out in the last year. 

Our Minnesota doctor told us recently that when he was still delivering babies in1991, 1 out of 25 women of child-bearing years in southern Minnesota were infertile.  By 2019 he says it’s up to 1 out of 4 infertile.  I asked, ‘When will it get to one of two being infertile due to the Covid-19 gene-manipulating shot that so many took?”  Near choking up he said, “I can only speculate, but maybe three to five years.”  I can’t quote him by name because most in medicine are afraid to speak out. He speaks out more than most and invites the wrath of his peers.

I suspect mass domestic demographic collapse is now descending on Iowa and the country.  The spiritual, social, labor, and economic consequences will be unlike anything any of us have ever experienced.

In Romans 1:24 God gives such sinners up to their uncleanness and lusts. Most Christians have embraced feminism, wicked sterility and its accompanying sins.  It’s now like God is giving us up to our sterile ways, and maybe He’s thinking, “You don’t want me to oversee opening and closing your wombs? (Isaiah 66:9-18) (Deut. 28: 4,18) With your proud and selfish hearts I see you want to wickedly limit the gift of life that I wanted to give you with your contraception and abortion.

Well ok then, ‘Let Me show you what that looks like!”

Turn back to the Holy of holies, He will be merciful and cover His faithful people in the time of His judgement.   Young people ignore most of your elders as they have been cowards and liars, especially those in the pulpits. Young ladies seek out The Transformed Wife, on the internet.  She is an older woman teaching younger women the joy of rejecting feminism and following God’s Word in marriage and family. 

There are new young men rising in churches across the land who’re turning back to Christ and His Law.  Find them and learn from their faithful teaching of the Scriptures! And certainly, read the Bible for yourself, too

Christos Kurios,

Paul R. Dorr
Rescue the Perishing • P.O. Box 115 • Ocheyedan, IA  51354
Ph 712/758-3660 • Fx 712-758-3475 • Email
“…The future belongs to the fertile!” –Roger Devlin on Red Ice Radio, Sweden

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