Alpha Center’s Degrading “Abstinence” Material Being Used 25 Years Ago!

November 2, 1992 Rescue The Perishing distributed leaflets to most of the 1,000 Christians going into the Alpha Center’s Annual Banquet held at the Ramkota Hotel Convention Center, Sioux Falls, SD.  Alan Unruh walked up to groups of Christians in the parking lot and told them not to take our material.  Here is the flier on their Christ-less classroom sex talk that we handed out that night.  The one these “abstinence” peddlers (Unruh’s) didn’t want the Christian parents to see.  How many young people were set on a path of sexual degradation, which they may still be on today, by the support of thousands of Christians in this region?  This was so well received she went on to launch this into a national sexual guilt/money machine, called the National Abstinence Clearing House.  It’s all a fraud and most of the kids know it!

1948 BJ Haan: Time and Life Magazines

The 1948 Rev. BJ Haan spoke prophetically to the major national media of his time about the serious dangers of Hollywood.  See the reports here in Time and Life magazines!

Sadly, today’s Dordt President, standing in BJ Haan Auditorium falsely characterizes Haan’s warnings as “ranting and railing” and giving thanks to God for providing the very thing Rev. Haan, rightly, warned against.

Women Must Love Their Husbands Greater Than Their Children?

Presbyterian preacher Rev. DeTreville Bowers of Columbia, SC is challenged by female talk show host, “Tara”, in Greenville, SC, July 3, 2015, about something he said during a 2014 political campaign in the Palmetto state.  Many married women were angry with “Det” when they first heard it on state-wide media and then the Spirit of God began to work in their hearts.  Listen to him assault feminism and defend his counsel to married women to place their priority in loving God first, then her husband and then their children.  Click the hidden Play button to the left of the time meter.  (If at first it doesn’t play click again, it is there.)



Barren Minneapolis Fed President Comes to Worthington to Learn How to Mitigate Declining Fertility Rates!

This letter to the editor below was submitted to the managing editor of the Worthington, MN Globe, on July 16, 2018. (He later acknowledged the receipt of it.) It focuses on the July 12 remarks made in Worthington by Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari.

On July 20th a letter from Kashkari was published in the Globe. But I’ve never seen mine posted online. So I wrote the editor  last Thursday and inquired if he ever published it or ever intends to.   Response has been silence. See it below. (BTW, this has nothing to do with any clients my consulting business has in SW Minnesota.)

Updated Note (7/31/2018 am): After two weeks of silence and after publishing Kashkari’s letter in the Globe several days after receiving mine and now a day after this letter starts showing up on FB in Worthington, only now managing editor Ryan McGaughey contacts me and advises that my letter is too long.  He could have run his word count function on it the day it arrived and let me know this two weeks ago.  I remain thankful for social media.
Letter to the Editor
Worthington Daily Globe
Worthington, MN

Dear Editor;

July 12, I attended (on my own behalf) a community meeting at the Worthington Fire Hall to hear a panel discussion led by Neel Kashkari, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, an official from JBS and Worthington Mayor Kuhle. They were speaking about immigration.

At least twice Fed President Kashkari made the point that America and Europe are experiencing low fertility rates and that “One primary source of economic growth for any country is population growth.” This growth brings “more workers to make things and more consumers to buy things.” I wanted to interrupt him and say, “Wait, wait! For nearly 50 years the public schools and the media have pushed biologist Paul Ehrlich’s stupid Malthusian idea that we were facing a Population Bomb. And that natural resources are limited and the only way to maintain economic growth and mitigate the cost of exploding resource prices, was to reduce the population. Are you saying they were wrong and that we should have more babies? Are you saying you agree with Psalm 127:3-5?” (It so happens that this Population Bomb nonsense coalesced with the approximate advent of birth-control, the sexual revolution and legalized abortion in Western nations. What a disaster this has all been.)

He went on to say that the one way to turn this low fertility rate around would be to do like Japan and provide economic incentives to have more children. He pointed out that Japan has a homogeneous culture that doesn’t allow immigration. Kashkari recognized that this is too costly and not working very well for Japan, which is true.

He concluded that the only way to grow the economy is to welcome immigration.

Having read his resume, I approached Kashkari privately after the meeting and said, “You’ve worked for Pimco (largest bond fund in America) and Goldman Sachs (crippling governments of the world with massive debts). And you ran the TARP bailout of the big banks for Henry Paulson while at the U.S. Treasury and now you are a regional Fed President. Excuse me, sir, but you’re the problem.

The average little guy can’t stay ahead of price inflation because guys like you keep flooding the economy with vaporous digital money driving up the credit/debt bubble, which then drives consumer price inflation. This makes it much costlier for working couples to have more children. I have a study from an economist from Austria who surveyed hundreds of years of western history, showing whenever a country establishes a central bank (I.e. the Federal Reserve), it ultimately leads to demographic collapse. Would you like me to send you a copy?”

He replied, “That’s nonsense.” I replied, “No. The Federal Reserve Bank is nonsense. Meanwhile, I have one last question, ‘how many children do you personally have? ’”

His reply, “None.” (He’s in his mid 40’s, unmarried and….barren.) I replied, “People like you certainly are the problem!’ I later read that when Kashkari previously ran for Governor of California (2014) that his platform included full support of abortion and homosexual marriage. These are both direct contributions to the plummeting fertility rates in America.

Such audacity for a child-less, inflationary central banker (which violates Prov. 20:10) coming to our region to seek economic advice on how to mitigate declining fertility, without recognizing that he himself is a classic picture (personally) and a primary source (professionally) of this very decline. Kashkari is the last guy to look to for any substantive solutions to our massive internal debts and our imploding demographic challenges!

And to our Worthington immigrant friends – watch out! These central bankers have ballooned their balance sheets since 2008 and working with the finance industry have buried most of those who were here before you, in debts and taxes. To keep the bubble going (which they must do, or we’ll have another 2008 or worse, a 1930s) they need “fresh meat”. They see you as a ready pool of new debt slaves (Proverbs 22:7). Bankers flooding the real estate market with loans make home prices escalate faster than what normal demand would drive it. This creates more entrenched debt slavery. Eventually such bubbles cannot be sustained and misery for millions will follow. It always does.

Manage your family budget well, don’t be suckered by vane and wasteful purchases and watch your debts and taxes. Sacrifice mightily for a few years to cut any mortgage repayment schedule in half and get out from under decades of paying interest.  (I.e. Add 45% to each of your monthly payments on a $75,00, 25 year mortgage, at 3% interest and it would be repaid in 10 years less, saving you around $13,000 in interest) . This is much the same advice I gave to local people when I once was part owner of a community-bank holding company and later worked to help bail-out the old Norwest (now Wells Fargo) bank in Worthington.

Most didn’t listen. Maybe you can do better.

Paul R. Dorr
P.O. Box 115 • Ocheyedan, IA 51354
Phone 712/758-3660

The Sin Of Public Education Flier Being Passed Out In Fort Worth, TX Nov 18, 2017

 This is the flier which is being passed out the morning of Nov. 18, 2017 to hundreds, if not a few thousand, people attending a Pro-family conference held at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Southwestern is the largest SBC Seminary in America.  The conference is to help Christian parents deal with the LGBTQ / Trans agenda in the public schools coming in to Texas.

Such conferences have the impact of impeding the exodus of Christians from the Christ-less public schools.

Rescue the Perishing’s goal is counter these efforts and encourage the youth to implore their parents to get them out.   Co-sponsors of our flier are Crown and Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church, Conroe, Texas and Exodus Mandate of Columbia, South Carolina.

Evangelical, Pro-life, Testified In State Legislature on Pro-life Bill: All The While Continuing In Her Unrepentant Fornication. Visit Your Local CPC!

A pro-life evangelical girl who testified in front of her state legislature on a pro-life bill was, three years later, still steeped in fornication.

I wrote this linked FAX in June of 1994 after being confronted by a Christian, pro-life, young woman, (who had testified in the South Dakota legislature for “pro-life” legislation) while I was picketing outside a so-called Christian, prolife Crisis Pregnancy Center on May 10, 1994.  The CPC is called the Alpha Center, located in Sioux Falls, SD.  Allen & Leslee Unruh, the founders of the Alpha Center a few years later went on to establish the phony National Abstinence Clearinghouse to do harm on a much larger scale.

This fax was sent to Jody Clemens, then a counselor at the Women’s Care Clinic, Fargo, ND.  I had never met Jody but found their clinic was one of three I could locate in the U.S. (others were in Cumming, GA and St. Paul, MN) that did not conform to the wicked policies of Care Net and NIFLA regarding “absolute confidentiality” when counseling a pregnant woman who was considering aborting her child.  Fargo’s Women’s Care Center would reserve the right, as policy, to contact those in authority in a young woman’s life regarding her sexual sin, pregnancy and possible abortion.  (I.e. Boyfriend, father/mother, husband, pastor, etc.).

I had previously called and visited with Clemens about the policy and commended them for it.  And was sure they would understand my point in this FAX.  Her supervisor took my FAX, blotted out the names, city and state and added her comments in hand-writing on the bottom of the 2nd page and mailed it out to their supporters.

On the link above, I have attached their hand-written comments on the bottom half of the un-redacted original.   And Mrs. Houle recently gave me permission to leave her name in it.

Here were my concluding remarks with that “evangelical, pro-life Christian” young woman on that May 10, 1994 day.

“I said young woman, this is how I see your picture:

You fornicated as a youth and haven’t repented of it; you gave up your child for selfish motives; you gave her to a couple that could (statistically) be wanting her because of the results of their prior fornication; you are fornicating still; you are pumping your body full of abortifacient chemical hormones that are statistically killing one 2-week-old baby each year; the hormones if taken long enough in conjunction with your continued fornication will render you sterile; and finally you and your husband will turn around in 5-10 years and put pressure on some CPC, adoption agency, or private adoption lawyer to get you a child because of your sterility.  The vicious circle of sin goes round and around.  And this, in your case, is all done in the name of Christ and the pro-life cause.”

Is It Ever Right To Lie? No. Is It Ever Right To Conceal The Truth From Those Who Intend To Use It For Evil? The Bible Says Yes!

If nothing else, please read the first three pages of Rev. Peter Allison’s (Conroe, TX) biblical analysis of deception versus concealing the truth from evil doers.  The various Hebrew/Greek word usages are on the remaining pages. You can find it  Here.


Texas Mass Resistance Needs To Be Texas Mass Exodus!

Facebook Discussion With Texas Mass Resistance

Proverbs 16:25
There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.

RTP has been a financial supporter of Mass Resistance out of Boston, Mass. No group has been more willing to confront the most radical of radical homosexuals in America, than Mass Resistance (MR)  MR is led by Brian Camenker who is of Jewish background.   In the streets, in academia, in legislative testimony, etc. they have been fearless!  They put to shame 99% of Christian groups.

Yet their solution of ‘cleaning up’ public schools (not closing them) is wrong.  (In particular they want to throw out the homosexual material and use abstinence education.)  They are now starting new state groups around the country.  Their Texas chapter recently did a large neighborhood leaflet drop in Austin, inviting concerned parents and citizens to a recently held meeting where they can learn more of the perverse new homo-sexual/transgender sex-ed curriculum being introduced into the Austin Independent School District.

The material is so truly offensive there is little left to shock people with. The next and last thing left will be sexual acts leading to death.  So I messaged them on their Facebook page.  See the problem in its fullness below.  This dialog was held on Friday, September 8, 2017.

My message to TMR:
I’ve been down all these roads in the 1990s. Even the population control/US Govt. (HHS)-funded abstinence programs are fatally flawed. My ministry did the first-ever interview of a repentant abstinence instructor.    The question she could no longer answer was, “How do you talk about marital union apart from Christ, His Word, the parents and a Godly pastor in the pulpit?”

The flaw in your approach is that you are battling sinful human nature and the devil on the devil’s playing filed.  Get out!!  At great love and sacrifice to your (grand) children, de-legitimize public education by pulling the children out and placing Christ at the foundations of your children’s education.  Once yours are protected then go on the attack of the public schools.  But all new recruits to your cause must first get their own out!

You are all sounding just like my generation did back in the late 1980s and early ’90s.  This same response failed then (and it got MUCH worse) and it will fail now.  Public schools are now under a generational compounding curse. And children ‘opting out’ does nothing because your son or daughter will be, like a little goldfish, swimming in filth-pool filled with sexual sharks.  Almost all of their peers in the halls, classrooms, gyms and locker-rooms will still have been perversely sexualized.  This culture remains an unjust setting for the ‘opted out’ child.

I have taught a class in Lakeway, TX a few years ago on de-funding Texas public schools at the ballot box.

Final summary.  You are fighting a defensive, rear-guard battle that has been losing since George H.W. Bush fist pushed thru legislation in the early 1970s to (Title X) fund classroom sex-talk, shortly after Mary Calderone (medical director of Planned Parenthood) with then-Monseigneur James T. McHugh’s (of National Conference Catholic Bishops) assistance, launched SIECUS (Sex Information and Education Council of the United States). (Search “Rubbers” Bush.) [Editor’s Note: Their speaker in Austin was referencing Calderone and SEICUS in her remarks. But I heard no mention of the Catholic Church’s or the Bush family’s involvement in her remarks.]

A truly offensive approach would be to pull the children out of these ‘damned’ government schools and then go after their funding.

But then that might upset the Texas Baptists and their idolatrous love of football.  Let them slump back and keep fighting their civilization (family) destroying, rear-guard battles – all to assuage their consciences while they can celebrate their Friday night lights!  I can’t wait until God in heaven darkens those idolatrous lights!

You guys need to lead the Exodus out of the schools!

TMR’s reply:
Replacing publicly owned public education controlled by secularists with privately owned public education controlled by parents is not a solution until it succeeds.  MassResistance favors the long-term solution, but we are more focused on the immediate need to “resist” rather than the long-term need to “replace.”  The latter goal is better addressed by organizations dedicated to it.  Trying to accomplish both goals through one organization doesn’t work well for us.

My reply:
“Privately owned public education controlled by parents”….what is this referring to?

In all due respect, your approach has not been a solution or succeeded over the last 45 years.  I have been a financial donor to Brian Camenker (Mass Resistance) for some time but may need to reconsider.

Let me suggest you consider a legislative front to repeal all compulsory age laws, repeal state income tax and property tax levy laws used to fund public schools, repeal the corporations of Texas ISDs  and get rid of the system.  When successful, the tidal wave of cash in each local community would make high quality, God-fearing, parent-directed private schools easily affordable.  And there would be boatloads of cash left over to fund charitable donations so that the children of the poor would start to receive a real education, instead of serving as a mere warm seat/enrollment unit needed to get access to state aid.  And serve to further fund their opulent system.

One never gets down the road to such a reality until they first get past the snickering “You can’t be serious!”  stage.

Abstinence education was created as a ruse in the late 1970s because the sexual perverts were panicked that so many Christians (especially in the Midwest and South) were pulling their kids out and starting private schools in response to George H.W. Bush’s and SEICUS’ new push to introduce classroom sex talk.   The perverts responded with a two-fold approach.

They first funded development of the Christ-less, abstinence sex-talk curriculum, (I.e. Sex Respect was one of the first….have you ever looked at their “Teachers Manual”?) to trick parents into thinking their public school was OK as long as my kid can ‘opt out’ or be taught these pervert-created “abstinence” courses.  Second, they made sure that all these new private schools were accredited by the state.  (The root word to accreditation is credo or creed.  So what is the state’s “creed” which these Christian schools seek to conform to?) In time, most private schools are now teaching the same crap. The Exodus of public schools was thwarted by their superior educational/legislative manipulations.

True resistance will begin with free-falling public-school enrollment numbers.  God is not blessing their system.  Like the Berlin Wall, Texas (and American) public schools will collapse.  Personally, I think it will be sooner than we can imagine.

BTW, one of the first mainline pro-family organizations in the country has now joined our cause. See

TMR’s reply:
Is there any way for us to exist in some kind of friendly way with you without us totally agreeing with you on every point of strategy in dealing with immediate needs? I’ve already said we agree with the preferability of privately owned, public schooling that is accountable to parental needs. (Privately owned, public schooling (POPS) is a phrase that comprehends Christian schools as well as other privately owned schools. It’s useful in recognizing two things: (1) Christian schools are open to the public, and (2) the problem with government-owned public schools (GOPS) is they are government owned, not that they are public. Most people involved in disinvesting government from ownership of public schools are well aware of why the preceding points are useful.) We don’t expect to turn GOPS into Christian schools. Our intent is to make them as tolerable as possible for people who have no other immediate choice but to use them. There is no need to browbeat us with info we already know. As far as our solution not working for 45 years, the situation we are dealing with is the result of your approach being corrupted into the mess we presently see. Your attempt to recover from that is laudable and we eagerly support it, but it’s no solution for parents whose only option tomorrow is a public school. In not seeming to understand that, I think you need to appreciate the difference between what is good and what is right— there’s a difference.

My further reply:
Tyranny and many failed solutions have been rationalized by the urgency of the “immediate”. This ‘immediate’ problem has been around for 45 years.

You seem to disparage me as not one of the ”most-people” who are aware of your definitions. But awareness of such a definition is a bit challenging, when your ‘definitional’ target is moving. In your first reply you wrote “privately owned public education”. Your next reply then ignores that and asserts what you were talking about was “Privately owned, public schooling (POPS)”

Public education, for the millions involved in it, has a fixed definition. It is schools incorporated by their given states, funded with taxpayer (income and property) dollars, accessible to all, with parent’s subject to the state’s compulsory age laws. There is no ‘private ownership’ of them of these government institutions.

Then you switch over to privately owned, public schooling, complete with your cool little acronym POPS. Aside from the fact that this looks like a term invented by a graduate student in a thesis written for some social welfare graduate program and he/she is offended that their work is not being recognized by a critic, I know most of the leaders involved in an informal national coalition ‘to exist public education’ and I’ve never seen POPS used in any of their writings.

Now let me help you become aware of the divergence in your moving target: Public education is funded by money extracted from taxpayers by force of law. Privately owned schooling is not.

Further, Christian schools being open to the public is NOT the same as public education schools being so open. The Christian schools can, should and must limit who of the public is so allowed in.  Yes, they can be employed as tools of evangelism but an adopted child of a lesbian couple who has been given ‘orders’ to advance their cause in such a school, should not be a member of the public permitted into a Christian school. But true public education cannot so limit.

Let me apologize for any confusion I may have written which drew you to conclude, “As far as our solution not working for 45 years, the situation we are dealing with is the result of your approach being corrupted into the mess we presently see. “

To be clear, I have resisted your approach since the mid-1980s. My peers didn’t as few to anyone has picked up “my” approach. Again, the organic effort to start Christian schools was aborted in the mid-1970s by the legal/educational gamesmanship of the perverted sexologists and their public policy friends.

The mess we currently see is the fruit of the pro-life movement’s failed response – which I opposed starting in the mid-1980s – and yet the one you folks are browbeating people into following still today. The only recovery will come when Christians abandon these schools and in time the public schools close. That will be both good and right. Even with all the great work Judith Reisman did, I never read where she called for closing public schools and getting the children out NOW!

Final Note:
The discussion became less than productive after this.  But now you see the problem.  That which has no Biblical warrant to exist, public schools, and which are anything but free, remain ‘a given’ in their eyes.  It remains an issue we will deal with some day down the road.  But not now!  This ultimate faith in the Christ-less government school systems has only made matters ‘compoundingly’ worse for each new generation.  When will leaders have the heart of sacrificial service to Christ and to children?

I still think we need to begin leaflet-dropping these compromised gatherings with a flier on the “Sin of Public Education”.   I am confident there will be some in the audience whom the Holy Spirit has prepared their hearts to hear His Word and save their children.

~~Paul R. Dorr, Director