Having done plenty of sidewalk counseling at abortion clinics several years ago RTP was recently drawn to penning this text below, to be used by any ministry who want.  This has received positive critiques from Christian men with more years of sidewalk ministry than ours.  Use as you desire.


We are mournful if you were dumped off by your mother – when only weeks old – at a cold cruel daycare!

The sorrow of growing up apart from a mother’s caress and love must be vast!

We empathize if you have no idea what it means to have had a loving protective father during your childhood!

We’re heart-wrenched if you were forsaken to a public school operated mostly by women, often whose goal was to assuage their guilty consciences, share the misery and make you, like them, into a slave of illegitimate sex!

The pain you must have if you were used as a sexual piece of meat in high-school, while mostly seeking an unattainable father’s love, has to be near unbearable. A life of love-less injustice, sold to you as  ‘pleasure’, is often fertile ground for rage.

Have women’s studies professors -leveraging off of your youthful sin and pain – now recruited you into their war against men?  If so, they want to convince you that your only identity is in your genitals and that your goal is to use your body to achieve power to punish men.  We weep if you are now steeped in bitter misandry, hating men. A social construct built on raging against God is suicidal!

We deeply pity you, if you were double-conned by these professors who encouraged you to load up on student loan debts (to help fund their paychecks), debts unforgivable in bankruptcy courts. After all,  67% of the now $1.4 trillion in American student loans are owed by young women.

Such hatred also produces a near hopeless, loveless, lonely and despairing future.  Just privately ask a barren, lonely, 60+ year-old feminist when she’s away from her peers.  Many are terrified of their mortality in their Christ-less loneliness.

It is misery when one realizes that their government’s social, educational  and economic programs provide adults cash incentives to do this to you, and to a generation of your peers.  It’s evil beyond measure!  A worse evil is the Christian church’s love-less silence about it all.

Is it now time for you to rebel….no, a better description is to resist or throw off all those unrepentant adults who led you into a life of sin, misery and rage?  Would you seek a new identity in the atoning work of Jesus Christ, who will love you like none other?  After all, even our own best efforts to do right, were like filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6) before our Holy God.  This applies to all of us!  Filthy rags and all, he died for those who have true faith in Him.

When it comes to sorting everything out, to understanding all things about God and your life, consider what Christ told us in John 7:17: “If anyone wills to do [God’s] will, he shall know concerning the doctrine, whether it is from God or whether I speak on My own authority.”  Your regenerated will to love and obey Christ comes first, by grace through faith in Him.  Then His truths (His doctrines) will become increasingly known to you.  All who love Him can testify this to be true over our own lifetimes as we continue to ‘sort everything out.’

So now, in the ultimate act of rejection against those who harmed you and who now want you chained down with murderous guilt:   Let. Your. Baby. Live!

We will love and help you and your baby as a Christian church should, the way Christ first loved us as once lost sinners.

One of the most momentous decisions in your life will be made in the next few hours.  This perceived crisis is only for a few months, but abortion… forever. Forever!

End the betrayals.  Break the generational curse.  There is a future new life under the blood of Jesus Christ!  Please contact us: