What Too Many Reformed & Evangelical Girls Have Never Been Taught!

Motherhood is, at best, a minor annoyance to most married Christian women today, as they drop their child(ren) off at the daycare.  (Few advised them of the massive student debt they’d incurr while often earning a college degree of limited value.) Their career too often dominates their life. Their child(ren) are growing further apart from them and worse, from God.  Many such mothers then are reduced to trying to ‘buy’ their child’s love.

Young mothers – consider below the eternal perspective and the concentrated power to form lives for Christ that you possess.  This was written  160 years ago and still remains as powerful today!
“Let us take as an illustration, the case of the mother of a family. The cares of a family are numerous and heavy; and there are many instances, in which it is impossible for a mother, and head of a house, to be engaged in much external ministry for God. But if she be willing to serve Him, she need not be disheartened.

Is not home a little world in itself, and is not she, either for good or evil, the grand influence of home, much, most of it taking its tone from her? Would that Christian mothers recognized more, the great opportunities and responsibilities of home ministry; that they saw how the very fact of their influence being concentrated, gave it force! The charge of gunpowder, which occupies but a little space, sends the shot to a long-distance; what mother can tell, how far her concentrated influence will send her children, in the career of holiness, and usefulness among their fellows.

There is ministry in a Mother’s look. It has re-appeared in after life, amid the gleaming eyes which burn with unhallowed fires; and succoured the tempted one by the memory of its solemn, soft, and holy gaze.

There is ministry in a mother’s voice. It has re-echoed, after many years in the chambers of the memory, and warned in deep mysterious tones, as though it now came from another world, and cheered, and soothed, with even more than the power it possessed in earlier days, as though it were privileged to speak with the soft melody of heaven.

Yes! There is ministry even in a mother’s touch; and long after the hand from which it came, is cold in the motionless solitude of the tomb, it’s impress remains in living power. A mysterious hand from the invisible world traced the sentence of Belshazzar’s ruin; this hand, mysterious and invisible also, leaves imprinted on the heart, words at once of warning and of love – words of most powerful warning, because words of love.

… Yes! Christian mothers, God requires testimony and ministry from you, in your own circles. If you be limited to them, by Him, He will accept your home ministry, and he will not leave you without a reward. You shall act upon the world, from the recesses of your own sanctified home; the ministry which you carried on for God upon the child at your knee, shall have a place, not in the annals of the world alone; your sons will perhaps be the fathers of God-fearing, and God praising families; they will perhaps minister in the public service of the sanctuary; they will salt the society in which they move. It may be, that your daughters, as mothers, will reproduce your influence, the circle widening with every generation; and thus (provided God has limited your circle) show you, if you minister in it for Him, throw forth circles ever-widening more and more, so that you, being dead, shall speak, and live, and move in influence, long after you have departed in the flesh.”

Rev. Philip Bennett Power, M.A., Christ Church, Worthing, West Sussex, England,  I Will: Determinations of the Man of God, as found in some of the “I Wills” of the Psalms, p. 75-76, © 1860, Reprint Pranava Books, India

Asst. Director of Field Operations IDPS Provides Policy on Field Interviews and Interrogations.

Mitch Mortvedt, Assistant Director, Field Operations Bureau, Iowa Department of Public Safety, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, Des Moines, IA  advised me this month that this attached file is the most current policy manual the state issues to law enforcement officers as to guidelines for interviews, field interviews and interrogations conducted during criminal investigations.  You might learn a bit by reviewing it and consider some of my highlights and comments in the red boxes.  You can download it here.


Smokin’ Hot Legal Response To Charges Against Paul Dorr For Burning Library Books

I filed  my legal response in Sioux County Magistrate Court tonight to the criminal mischief charges  filed against me by Sioux County, Iowa Attorney Thomas Knustle on behalf of the City of Orange City.  We’ve asked Cherokee County, Iowa Magistrate Judge Lisa Mazurek to sign an order to dismiss the charges.  As you read the Memorandum you will find the books I burned were later paid for.  I did not pay for them nor did I specifically ask or  authorize anyone to pay for them. But the books were paid for, none-the-less.  And they still charged me with a crime.   But that’s just ‘half of it’.

Here’s a quote from my closing statement in the Memorandum,
” Dorr was charged with criminal mischief in the fifth degree because of his protest and because he published the protest. He filmed himself burning the books, and then posted the video to the internet and Facebook to publish his message, to encourage public discourse in the marketplace of ideas. . In his effort to raise awareness on his side of an issue, the Library ignored its procedural policies and the police responded to the public outcry for prosecution by criminally charging Mr. Dorr. Likewise, Orange City ignored Iowa Code § 714.5, which allows for “arrangements [to] be made to make a monetary settlement.”

Instead, Mr. Dorr was treated unlike other library patrons who had not returned books, and but for his public protest, Mr. Dorr literally had “the book thrown at him” to teach him a lesson. But, what lesson? That the Library can avoid its procedural policy in lieu of protected First Amendment rights? That people can be treated unequally for non-returned books?

As noted before, if Mr. Dorr had protested in silence and destroyed the books yet the, books had been paid for, would he have been prosecuted? He still would be exercising his First Amendment rights. Regardless, the answer would be “no.” The only interceding fact in this case was his published protest. The Library ignored its policies and the police charge was selectively based upon nothing more than an act of protected First Amendment activities.”

 When you get done reading my filings it will be clear they’re trying to throw the book at me for standing up against those Orange City library officials  who desire to destroy the souls of children.

Read the documents linked below that I filed with the District Court today.

(CAUTION: Only mature adults should read Exhibit 6 on my Affidavit in Support with Exhibits attachment. It includes vile blasphemies against our Lord and sexually depraved remarks sent to me through the comment section on this page, that the court needed to consider.)

Motion to Dismiss
Affidavit of Amended Memorandum and Exhibit Ten
Affidavit of Paul Dorr in Support with Exhibits
Resistance Motion

Reply Memorandum’s Support

Living Wills: Getting One Step Ahead Of The Humanist Medical System!

Do you want to insure that the medical community expressly knows that you and your loved ones do not waive their liability in making medical-care decisions regarding your health and life, when you are unable to?  Do you want to make the positive determinations as to what care is required, or not, in your final hours?  Do you want to specifically grant medical powers of attorney to those of your choosing?    If so, see these templates for christian Medical Living Wills drawn up for residents of Iowa  and Texas.

Do not see these as complete or lawful in your case.  Rather, take them to your own attorney and have him review and update them as required especially if you are a resident of another state.  That is why we are providing these in editable MS Word format.

Once completed, sign multiple copies and forward them (by registered mail) to the hospitals and doctors in your area that you normally receive medical care from and carry copies in the glove box of your vehicles. Also, make scanned digital copies available to loved ones who can promptly email it to the administrator and risk officer of any hospital or trauma center that you may be admitted to, that hadn’t previously received it.

The Abby Johnson File

Our printable two page flier is here.

Rochelle Sapp conviction and sentencing.

Abby Johnson 2011: “Some of you may think the abortionists hold more  guilt than the mother. I disagree. I do not believe women are “victims” to abortion. I have had two abortions. I was not a victim. I was a perpetrator.”

Here are screen shots if she takes down the above link.

Now she changes her mind on her Meme below.  Murder has now been reduced to a “service” that needs no accountability by the state.  Does she believe the father and all the friends and family who aid/abetted the death of this child should get a free pass, too?

While punishment for capital crimes has many extenuating circumstances and thus can receive various degrees of sanctions from the state, biblically, the death penalty is appropriate for those who murder with planning and intent.  Clearly Abby Johnson no longer thinks she merits punishment from the state, if such had been on the books when she committed her high crimes.

“Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed; For in the image of God He made man.  And as for you, be fruitful and multiply;
Bring forth abundantly in the earth And multiply in it.” Gen. 9:6-7

Mrs. Johnson conveniently holds to a modernist Catholic position where she strongly opposes capital punishment.   She’s in the business to stop mass-murder while opposing the sanctions of God’s Law against such criminal conduct. 

Not all women who abort would receive capital punishment, as other crimes of murder don’t receive it now, either.  But avoiding the deterrent effect of God’s just Law against those who dismember their own child, only serves to increase such butchery.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Johnson’s Speaking Fees: $10,000 to $15,000 with this service.  As well, they are listed as $10,000 to $20,000 with this Speaker’s agent below.

Look at the big cash swirling around just one event involving the popularity (idolatry) of one woman who murdered two of her own children.

If you think a movie (Unplanned) can change someone’s mind, consider this.

See her false characterization / generalization of side-walk counselors at the 52:30 minute mark here.

Now to see what real repentant men and women who participated in, or aborted their children, look like see this screen shot below.  First and foremost they confess Christ, then they confess they murdered their child and are not victims.  They are part of the team in Texas  advocating to criminalize abortion again.  This is who Abby Johnson should turn too, for real spiritual advice and counsel.

Most women are not victims of abortion.  I.e. “I like to f**k and then kill my baby.”  See here.

Meet Abby’s lesbian “pro-life” friends. Are there any pro-life Drag Queens she can invite to one of her Guiding Star events?

State and local governments are defying the Federal government on marijuana (Colorado), immigration (sanctuary cities), compliance with the Paris Accord (Minnesota), 2nd Amd. (red flag laws), etc.  But like most socialists Mrs. Johnson places the welfare state above the lives of the babies with many false scare stories.  Criminalizing abortion would end her gravy train!

Most Women Are Not Victims Of Abortion. Read Their Own Confessions!

We at Rescue the Perishing have been battling abortion since 1980.  Over the years we’ve watched the Christian community and the pro-life movement become thoroughly compromised.  Since the early 1990s people like Leslee Unruh of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse and other national “leaders” started speaking of women has victims of abortion.  This served to ignore the baby in most cases.  (Yes, there are a few that are drug, as teenagers, into an  abortion clinic by their parents and forced to get an abortion.  But that is just a few and we’re not including them as they and their babies were victims of their wicked parents…..probably in more ways than one.)  Far too many pro-life “leaders” are quasi-feminists and many have previously murdered their own child(ren).

But for today the vast majority going into abortion clinics have a heart set on wickedness and often brag about killing their own flesh and blood child.  See this stunning report of true confessions from a Christian sidewalk counselor  in the Houston, TX area.

Laws which the National Right to Live Committee have defended for years, that will not punish the murderous woman, are wicked.  Before you disagree do read the report on our link above.

Race Tensions: A Christian Remedy By Former Dordt College Professor

The Christian Philosophy Of Law, Politics And The State, by the Rev. Eustace Lovatt Hebden Taylor, former Dordt College Professor of History and Sociology, The Craig Press, © 1966 (Taylor was trained at Trinity Hall, Cambridge University)

“It is because the Supreme Court of the United States has forgotten that “man’s freedom depends upon the silence of the law” and that man’s legal relationships are only a small part of his total societal relationships that it has now taken upon itself to forcibly integrate colored and white men into one educational association regardless of the deep historical and social differences existing between these groups.  Given the different cultural and historical background of these groups in American society, it is hardly surprising that such social engineering on the part of the executive and judicial branches of American government should create intolerable tensions within the American body politic.” p 306

“That the standard of justice for social relations is different from the standard required in legal relations is proved by the fact that social contracts do not get very far in the courts.  A violation of social norms may but does not necessarily transgress legal norms as well.  The social basis of law implies the competence of the legislator, but this competence must be limited by the proper correlation of the communal and associational functions which may not be infringed by this supposed absolute confidence of the state.  The individual does not enjoy an absolute legal competence or absolute rights, but neither does the state nor central government enjoy absolute sovereignty over man in deciding, for example, which schools their children shall attend and which they shall not.  Such absoluteness is removed if we consider that justice in the social analogy requires a proper balance between the state, the communities and the associations making up a given human society.” p 306-307

“Such a claim to decide men’s societal relationships in all their manifold variety is typical of the totalitarian state.  For the United States Supreme Court and President or for the British Parliament to enact legislation, telling Americans or Britons with whom they shall be educated and where they may or may not eat, play, attend church and work is thus a gross invasion of the American or British citizen’s right to choose his own type of education for his children, his own eating habits and restaurants and his own recreational activities.

Racial issues are not settled by legislation nor at the point of bayonets. They are settled by time and a spirit of patience and of Christ-like forgiveness and understanding of the people directly involved. Military force is not a substitute for persuasion.” p 307

“Liberal humanists have not realized that the basic issue in the present grave racial crisis in America, at least as far as education is concerned, is that the American Federal and State Governments had no business to be involved in the field of education in the first place.  Education is solely the God-given responsibility of parents.  Children are born by reason of the natural powers of reproduction of their parents, not because of the permission of the government.  It is because the Federal and State governments of America have infringed upon the sovereignty of the family and parental sphere by making the education of American children a part of the function of government that the present crisis over the integration of white and colored schools has arisen.  It is because the American public school has been used to serve the improper purposes of providing the basis for the secular humanistic American way of life that all the trouble has arisen.  It is unjust and contrary to God’s cultural mandate for bringing up one’s own children to use the school for such a political purpose.” p 307-308

It is nonsense on the part of educational apostate liberal humanists to claim that all children, regardless of their parents’ ideological and religious persuasion, can meet together on the grounds of a supposedly neutral educational field.  While the public schools of the Deep South have so far achieved only a token integration, Roman Catholic Christians have achieved a far greater degree of integration in their school system for the reason that such integration takes place on a consciously accepted religious basis.  Let the Protestant Christians of America, both colored and white, establish their own Christian day schools, using their common faith in Christ as the basis of harmonious racial relationships.  The only power on this earth which can really bring about true community between people is the religious faith which they hold in common.  Recent events in America and South Africa have proved that the liberal humanist faith in man’s reason, utility and a so-called natural law of the equality between men cannot do this.

The great illusion of modern “post-Christian” democrats and the humanists is that true community can be created between men without the grace and power of the risen Christ.  In the very same year in which James Meredith was forcibly admitted to the University of Mississippi, the Supreme Court prohibited the saying of the Lord’s Prayer in the public-school system of America.  Such apostate humanists apparently expect men to live as brothers without believing in God as their Creator, to found a community of men without any common life of sacraments and creed to bind them together, and to think as one while remaining utterly individualistic and self-seeking.  It is tragic to thank the Anglican Bishops and clergy actually support such humanistic hopes.” p 308

“May every true Christian in the English-speaking world proclaim from the housetops that it is impossible to enjoy the fruits of Christianity without first accepting Christ’s kingship over one’s own personal life.  Outside the body of Christ the world of apostasy from God stands doomed and condemned.  The secular humanist values of “liberty,” “equality,” and “fraternity” are miserable shadows of the Christian experience of the Fatherhood of God, of being adopted children in Christ, of the liberty wherewith Christ makes us free from the power and guilt of sin, and of the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.” p 308-309

It is impossible to expect colored and white people in any part of the world to live together in peace and true community unless both groups come to share in God’s forgiveness of their sins and both races find in the risen Christ a common loyalty in terms of which they can alone build up a stable world order.  For the same reason, it is equally futile to expect unregenerate apostate white men and women to live in peace with each other or to expect unconverted heathen colored men and women to live in real community with each other, unless and until such men and women, whatever the color of their scans, first repent of their sins and then are willing to be led by the spirit of Christ in building up separate Christian associations and organizations not contaminated by the evil and wickedness of a rebellious world.  It is therefore imperative that Christians throughout the world now establish their own Christian day schools, newspapers, trade and labor unions, credit unions and political parties in which Christ’s kingship is taken seriously.  Let Christian people in America, Britain and Canada stop relying upon humanist governments to do the work of a rousing Americans, Britons and Canadians to repent of their sins. It is utterly beyond the powers of the American, British and Canadian governments to create lasting fellowship and peace between differing classes and races. It is only the risen Christ who can reconcile sinners to a just and holy God.  Let us pray that God will give these nations time for amendment of life and repentance of our Church’s failure to witness to the glorious power of the gospel of Christ, crucified and risen for the justification and forgiveness of our sins, including the sin of prejudice, and for the reconciliation of races, classes and nations. (2 Corinthians 5:19).” p 309

Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety

No matter one’s position on vaccinating their babies, their physician should have no problem filling out a Physician’s-Warranty-of-Vaccine-Safety,  sign it and then provide it to you, prior to injecting any vaccine into your child.  This warranty includes waiving their personal legal immunity from any harm they may cause, prior to their proposal to vaccinate your child.

Type Of Farmer The Christian Reformed Church Used To Produce.

Henry Vellema: A Life of Real Faith

By Paul R. Dorr
Note: Below are my ‘tweaked’ speech remarks made at American Vision’s God, Culture & Government Conference, Kerrville, TX July 28, 2016.  In the audience that day was a retired District Judge from Baton Rouge, LA, a former attorney for Goldman Sachs (Germany office), and a pastor of a church in Milwaukee, WI.  A former “driver” of a nuclear submarine and professor of electrical engineering at the USNA and now Reformed Presbyterian minister of the Gospel later read this, too. They all encouraged me to publish it.   I have below.

“If the law was so serious in the sight of God that it would require the death of Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, to make atonement for man’s sin, it seems strange for God then to proceed to abandon the law! The goal of the law is not lawlessness, nor the purpose of grace a lawless contempt of the giver of grace. The increasing breakdown of law and order must first of all be attributed to the churches and their persistent antinomianism. If the churches are lax with respect to the law, will not the people follow suit? And civil law cannot be separated from Biblical law, for the Biblical doctrine of law, includes all law, civil, ecclesiastical, societal, familial and all other forms of law. The social order which despises God’s law places itself on death row: it is marked for judgment.”  ~ RJ Rushdoony   (Institutes Biblical Law, Volume 1, page 4)

Though shalt not steal: Eight Commandment
Whoever is a partner with a thief hates his own life;…
Proverbs 29:24a
When you saw a thief, you consented (‘ran’) with him, And have been a partaker with adulterers. Psalm 50:18

We all know a person can be a thief  but can the civil magistrate be a thief also?

Isaiah 56:9-11 says,

“All you beasts of the field (prd…metaphor for hostile nations), come to devour, All you beasts in the forest.  His watchmen are blind, They are all ignorant; They are all dumb dogs, They cannot bark; Sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yes, they are greedy dogs Which never have enough. And they are shepherds Who cannot understand; They all look to their own way, Everyone for his own gain, From his own territory.”

Deut. 17: 14-17 says,

“When you come to the land which the Lord your God is giving you, and possess it and dwell in it, and say, ‘I will set a king over me like all the nations that are around me,’ you shall surely set a king over you whom the Lord your God chooses;… But he shall not multiply horses for himself,… nor shall he greatly multiply silver and gold for himself.”

As Rev. Dr. Joe Morecraft writes, “This text is directly concerned with civil magistrates who are more devoted to seeking their own ease, profit and pleasure than they are with seeking the welfare of the nations committed to them.”  Five Volume Authentic Christianity; An Exposition on the Theology and Ethics of the Westminster Larger Catechism.   Volume 4, page 595

Rulers and kings will often steal by taking the proceeds of your labor simply to keep you enslaved to them.  Ignoring the wiser advice of Jereboam and the elders Rehoboam’s hard and unreasonable demands on the people of Israel in 1 Kings 12 – making the people’s yoke heavier (that is, stealing their labor) – as Pastor Morecraft wrote, “led to the rejection of his authority by Israel who seceded from Rehoboam’s government.”

Government stealing eventually destroys the legitimacy of the government and often leads to war.  Stealing by ‘printing’ paper money (violating Proverbs 20:10 & Micah 6:11) as the Federal Reserve Bank does, just takes a while longer.

In Lev. 27:32 God requires us to give a tithe (10%) of our annual production – i.e. net pre-tax income.  Yet, God is offended when the King implies he is equally sovereign to God by demanding an equal amount of 10%.  Their 10% taking will be raised by a new tax(es), or worse, they propose to rob God of His tithe, due to the Church.   How so?   Samuel warned God’s people who were demanding a King in 1 Samuel 8 that they would have to give 10% of their grain and vintage to the army (v. 15) and 10% of their sheep and they’d be servants to the King (v. 17).  Initially they’d cry out about this offense unto God but in the end they were willing to endure it, so as to have the security of an earthly ruler (v.19-20).  When we look with little true faith  to the government to be our ultimate security, and not our Triune God, we grant them ultimate access to all the wealth God gave us.   Immoral taxation and idolatry are inseparable.

And how much more is God offended when the state steals 30%, 40%, 50% or more through taxation?

Yes modern governments today are routine thieves.

I am standing before you today in large part because of God using the living witness of a Christian farmer (Dutch Calvinist) whom I was privileged to be a pallbearer for at his funeral in 1983. He turned my life irreversibly in a different direction.

His name was Henry Vellema and he was from Harris, Iowa.
I first got to know Henry as his banker.  I later came to realize that Henry was the first Reformed Christian theonomist I had every met. One who, as far as I know, had never even heard the term nor heard of Rushdoony, Bahnsen, North nor any of the other theologians.  Henry loved studying God’s Law from the Bible and joyfully working to apply it.  His was a lifetime of growing in sanctification.

He was born in Holland in 1915.  His father died and he later immigrated to America with his mother and family.   His mother died in Bigelow, MN when he was 9 years of age.  Around 1932 he left Iowa for California to work on a dairy farm in the Bellflower area.  And about four years later he brought his savings back and made a down payment on an 80 acre tract of land in Osceola County, Iowa.  He was in his early 20’s.  He had an eye on a young woman in church, even before he left for California.  When he came back he married Bertha, survived the Great Depression and prospered, while overcoming many challenges.  It was clear, as I got to know him, that Henry left any of Abraham Kuyper’s socialistic bent (Ie. Tax funding of public schools) back in Holland.

He was sitting in my bank office one day in the early 1980s waiting, while I was preparing some paperwork for him, thumbing through his postal mail. Soon I heard him grumble about a letter he received. I asked, “Anything wrong, Henry?” He said, ‘Ohhh that Social Security computer system! Somehow they started sending me monthly checks a couple of years ago.’ To which I said, “So what’s wrong with that?” Here was his reply.

“I have spent years studying God’s Word and I find three ways in it that He will materially bless us here on earth.
1. He will add the increase to the righteous use of our hands and mind applied to the calling He has placed before us.
2. There is also a place for lawful inheritance of earthly wealth to be passed down to one’s heirs.
3. Finally, if I would find myself and family impoverished, pride would not hold me back from going to outside family members or the church deacons to request the charity needed to provide for my family while explaining my circumstances. To the extent they are able, that is their duty.”

All of these, Henry said, would be tied to our faithfulness to Christ and our obedience to His Law.

Henry continued. “I don’t see in the Bible where receiving monies from any other source would be obedient to God, especially if it is brought to me as “free” money from the government. In the 1930s I wrote my congressman and said, ‘You can’t take care of the retirement of the elderly with Social Security. You will bankrupt the system, leaving future generations impoverished and providing incentive for the current generation to abandon their proper duty to provide for themselves.'”  History has borne out Henry’s logical forecast.

He concluded his remarks to me stating, “This is not free money. The Social Security checks are funded by stealing from my neighbors and by stealing from future generations. And the Bible forbids me from receiving stolen property.” (Prov. 29:24, Psalm 50:18)

I asked, “So what are you saying you do about it?” “Every few months I gather up these checks and mail them back to the Social Security office in Des Moines and tell them to keep their stolen property,” he replied.  He was serious and I…was stunned.

Was this just one peculiarity in the life of Henry Vellema?

Not at all. He never took one nickel of stolen government money to subsidize any aspect of his farming operation or his family’s needs his entire life. Yet he paid all of his income, social security and property taxes.

On life’s journey he and his wife, Bertha, raised 11 children on the farm and sent them to Christian schools.  This was before the days of home-schooling. But this wasn’t all. Henry and his family were known to visit the widows and orphans. His family would often go to nursing homes on Sundays and read the Bible and pray to God with residents and then visit about the ‘ole days’, especially memories of their departed spouses, always reminding them of God’s goodness to us through the death and resurrection of His son.

In his day-to-day business affairs, he was continually encouraging the young men he made contact with in farming or in commerce (myself included) to love their wives, to be faithful to them, provide for them, warned of wandering eyes, and admonished us to read the Bible and pray with them daily, if possible. He was never nosy with these men, just earnest for the things of Christ while caring about their families. I ran into a local plumber a year or two ago and he spoke of Henry Vellema and how he used to ask about his then-young marriage and loving his wife. He brought this up 32 years after Henry passed away.

A story was told that a neighbor of Henry’s had such a problem with alcohol that his wife and children once found themselves in a bitter Iowa winter night with the heat off, pipes frozen and water pouring on the floor and very little winter clothing. Henry heard about it the next day and took some of his children to the man’s home. Before he left his farm he called the propane dealer and told him to fill the drunk’s propane tank and put it on his (Henry’s) bill, he called the plumber and asked him to come over, fix the pipes and light the furnace and put it on his bill, and he sent his wife into town to buy some winter clothing and whatever else may be needed. And when he got to the home he set about cleaning up the water mess. When all things were restored, he then pulled the alcoholic out of bed,  poured some coffee into him and informed him that he was coming over the next morning at 4 o’clock and would be getting him up to take him to their dairy barn to begin to teach him how to read God’s Word and how to work.

Long story short, the alcoholic became a productive worker, who, in time, sobered up and passed away years later a professing believer in Jesus Christ. What was so special about that dairy barn? In one corner Henry and this man would spend nearly an hour (starting at 4am) reading the Bible and praying; by 5am they were milking cows and by 6:30am they were busy feeding his other cattle. I imagine breakfast came after all that.  Henry followed through and taught the man Christ, His Law and how to work.

Henry stood up for injustices both in his church and in the community.

When the sexual revolution came to Henry’s small town in the 1970s, he did not take it quietly. One night he was driving a tractor and harvest wagon thru a neighboring community and stopped at the local bowling alley to use the restroom and to get a hamburger and fries. Much to his dismay he found a newly installed contraception machine in the men’s restroom, there for the high school boys to access. He went to the owner of the bowling alley and informed him that his effort to get teenagers to start fornicating was not acceptable and that he must take the machine out as soon as possible. He told the owner that he’d stop back in a few days to make sure it had been removed.  The owner didn’t take it lightly.

Days later as Henry drove through the community again he went back in the bowling alley. He saw the machine still there and being a farmer with pliers in a leather pouch fastened to his belt, pulled it out and splayed the pliers open to use as a small crowbar.  He proceeded to tear the machine off the wall.

That night turned out to be ‘ladies bowling night’.  Henry left the men’s restroom and walked on the return-ball gutters going to the very front of the bowling alley, turned around and asked all the ladies to stop for a moment. When he had their attention, he informed them of what the owner of the bowling alley was doing to help corrupt their young sons and daughters, that he would have none of it, and asked them to let the bowling alley owner know they objected too. He then laid the machine down in front of some pins and walked out of the bowling alley.

When I asked him, “What did you say to the County Sheriff when he showed up at the farm to talk about your vandalizing private property?”  With his trade-mark twinkle in his eye Henry looked at me and said, “I never heard from the Sheriff, Paul. Never did.”  I seriously doubt the owner of the bowling alley wanted to show up in court and face Henry Vellema over a contraception machine.  And I believe if there had been a trial and the court found in favor of the bowling alley owner, Henry would have taken the jail time as opposed to paying any fine.  (Note: I was recently told another version of this account –  that he walked the ladies through the men’s restroom and showed it to them.  The one above is the one Henry told me.)

A high-handed local businessman had several enterprises whose services local farmers depended on. One of them included being a seed dealer. His common practice was that when a farmer placed an order for seed he would deliver double the amount ordered and bill him for it all. Many intimidated by him, reduced any orders they’d placed with other dealers and just paid for it. This was a type of stealing from his competitors.

But not Henry. He would take the doubled portion of the order and place it in a storage building. In the fall of the year when he started getting collection notices for lack of payment for that portion, he wrote the dealer back reminding him that he knowingly delivered double what Henry ordered and that ‘your seed is in my storage shed and you are free to come pick it up.’

Henry loved buying feeder calves from ranchers in western South Dakota.  The annual trek to the Faith, SD sale barn was seen as a special treat to Henry though I never understood why until years later.  He would go out a few days before an auction and visit the ranch families and look over the calves being gathered in for auction. Years later I served many of those western ranch families in that area, helping organize three different successful political fights (requiring voter approval) against oppressive local government.  I have yet to be in any other political meetings like those in South Dakota where they open by standing together, bowing their heads and covering their hearts with their cowboy hats and professing their fear of their Holy God and their complete dependence on the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. With my own eyes and experiences I came to understood why Henry enjoyed his treks to western ranch country.

High view of baptismal vows.

Henry took the baptismal vows made for his children seriously, as well as those children in the covenant community of his church.  When a high-school girl from his church moved out of her parent’s home in with an unbelieving young man, out of wedlock, it was Henry who went to her door and in love called her to repentance.  He urged her to move back home, repent to God, and to her parents and elders.  He told her that the elders need to disciple this man and if he comes to saving faith in Christ and also repents of this illegitimacy then maybe your father and elders can bless a future marriage.  But if you do this contrary to God’s Law you will grow apart from Christ, this relationship will not be blessed and will not likely endure.  She did not heed.  From what I’ve seen every warning Henry gave her in her youth has come to pass.

When it came time to build a new church building for the local congregation Henry stood up and opposed the plan to make one side brick and the other three sides steel siding.  He rooted his opposition in the Biblical doctrine of the ’first fruits’ (I.e. Nehemiah 10:35).   Henry told me that some of the members built their homes out of better quality construction material than they proposed for the church building.  He couldn’t recognize such lack of gratitude to his living God when they wanted to build a church that looked like a “Morton farm building”.

These are some of the stories of the life of Henry Vellema – he loved Christ so passionately that he dared not live in fear of the system, nor take their unjust money. When he passed away he left, I’m certain courthouse records would show, an earthly inheritance worth (in today’s values) several million dollars. His spirit, while telling me these stories, was one of instruction – never once expressing any pride.  It’s like he knew he was not going to be long on the earth and wanted them left behind for the glory of Christ.  I was a 27 yr. old sponge soaking them up, even prodding him for more.

Never seek their peace or prosperity.

Henry agreed with Ezra and shared openly his sorrow over the sins of the church but one thing he believed passionately, as Ezra taught,  “…The land which you are entering to possess is an unclean land, with the uncleanness of the peoples of the lands, with their abominations which have filled it from one end to another with their impurity…. never seek their peace or prosperity, that you may be strong and eat the good of the land, and leave it as an inheritance to your children forever.’  Ezra 9:11-12

Let us not seek their peace and prosperity especially prosperity built on something God declares to be an abomination – fiat money (Prov. 20:10)!  In so doing we and our children can become strong and will have much to inherit.  I am personally moved by the testimony of faithful obedience by God’s people under “burdens”, “judgments”, “taxes”, etc.  from their oppressors found in Exodus 1.  What was their response to tyranny?  They had more babies!  They grew in number against great odds.  This was Henry Vellema.  And we’ve done the opposite for years!

My life underwent a permanent change after experiencing the witness and life of Henry Vellema and his love for Christ.   Every battle I have waged against an unjust state law has always been on the foundation of not being a recipient of any of their stolen property.

I recognize the extreme pressure that our Marxist system places on Christian families. But I have seen far too many effective victories for the glory of Christ against this statist, debt-driven system by my family (and others) when people are often willing to materially risk their reputations and their fortunes. Let us not count the costs of refusing government money too highly. God so often provides and protects.

When it gets to the point that the state has to punish Christian charity, church schools, Christian doctors and hospitals, (all of which should take no government money), food kitchens, etc. the battle – in the hearts and minds of the community – will often come our way! My former Pastor, his father-in-law and the men of their church in the late 1980’s battled the state of Nebraska over their Louisville, NE Christian school.  Their battle made national news.  Their victory – while facing down a phalanx of lawmen (who had seized their church and Christian school) and the Nebraska Attorney General – was beyond imagination.   In the midst of the battle you will often find opportunities to prosecute their corrupt system in the court of public opinion and evangelize your enemies (Philippians 1:12-14).

“But I want you to know, brethren, that the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel, so that it has become evident to the whole palace guard, and to all the rest, that my chains are in Christ; and most of the brethren in the Lord, having become confident by my chains, are much more bold to speak the word without fear.”

Henry Vellema never forgot where his wealth came from.

Deut. 8:11-20
“Beware that you do not forget the Lord your God by not keeping His commandments, His judgments, and His statutes
which I command you today, 12 lest—when you have eaten and are [e]full, and have built beautiful houses and dwell in them; 13 and when your herds and your flocks multiply, and your silver and your gold are [f]multiplied, and all that you have is multiplied; 14 when your heart [g]is lifted up, and you forget the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage; 15 who led you through that great and terrible wilderness, in which were fiery serpents and scorpions and thirsty land where there was no water; who brought water for you out of the flinty rock; 16 who fed you in the wilderness with manna, which your fathers did not know, that He might humble you and that He might test you, to do you good in the end— 17 then you say in your heart, ‘My power and the might of my hand have gained me this wealth.’ 18 “And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may [h]establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day. 19 Then it shall be, if you by any means forget the Lord your God, and follow other gods, and serve them and worship them, I testify against you this day that you shall surely perish. 20 As the nations which the Lord destroys before you, so you shall perish, because you would not be obedient to the voice of the Lord your God.”

Measure your Kingdom advancing mission, pray for guidance and direction, think years of labor toward its end, repent of any past thievery, count the costs, dump their stolen property and then engage – the results (often stunning) will be in God’s hands.

A book that addresses the spiritual issue of such thievery from Scripture is Larceny in the Heart by R. J. Rushdoony.    Though they had troubles with sin of their own – as all redeemed sinners do – Henry and Bertha Vellema were not troubled by such larceny common in Christendom today.

Paul Dorr of Ocheyedan, Iowa is a Christian, married to his high school sweetheart for 43 years, father of their 11 children (and grandfather of 26 grandchildren….so far), was raised on a NW Iowa family farm, graduate of Unity Christian High School, Orange City, IA and Iowa State University, former banker who had an option to purchase one half of a community bank, was later a bank acquisition consultant in the 1980s and turned down job offers from John Lauritzen (then owner of 1st National Bank, Omaha) and from Frank Vogel (shortly after he purchased the former Sioux County State Bank in Orange City), led the no compromise pro-life movement for many years in Sioux Falls, SD, and is currently a consultant to taxpayers to push back oppressive local government bond, tax and spending issues.  And is one who remains ever grateful to God for bringing Henry Vellema into his life.
Dorr provides day-long Biblical based political training seminars and gives talks on the twin earthly evils of the fiat-money created debt revolution and the sexual revolution. Audiences have included church youth groups, senior college classes, high school assemblies and adult political activists.  He can be reached at 712-758-3660 or rtp@iowatelecom.net