Wow! How Many County Attorneys Stand Up To Their State Supreme Court Like This?

Check out this Motion to Dismiss filed by the Greene County, IA Attorney, Thomas Laehn, with the Iowa Supreme Court .  Wow!

First some background.  Holley was arrested by local police for reasons I haven’t studied.  His 4th Amendment protection of the contents of his vehicle were violated when the police failed to give him an opportunity to have a family or friend come retrieve his vehicle.  Once his vehicle was impounded they could search it, helping make their case.  Police did this and filed the initial charges, not the County Attorney Laehn.

In some real irony, RTP agrees with the Court’s findings, without knowing anything about their reasoning.  As a result of the Iowa Supreme Court’s ruling, Laehn was forced to dismiss the case as the evidence in the vehicle was illegally seized by the police.  Police need to be held to account as they do this too often.

But the nature of the arguments hit a real chord with Laehn.   Sadly, he doesn’t understand that under our Common Law system, the final Sovereign is God and His Law, but he does know how to oppose judicial tyranny.  See his Dismissal Order Here for some choice statements like:

“Yet, in State v. Ingram, 914 N. W.2d 794, 799 (Iowa 20 18), the Iowa Supreme Court arrogantly declared itself ”the ultimate arbiter of the meaning … of the Iowa Constitution.”

“In fact, the justices’ assertion is reducible to the proposition that the Iowa Constitution means whatever four of the seven justices on the Court say it means, thereby turning the words of the Constitution into empty vessels into which they can pour whatever meaning they wish and replacing the rule of law,”

Indeed, the scholarly literature has unequivocally demonstrated that a justice’s personal ideological beliefs and attitudes, and not the plain meaning of the law, is the primary determinant of his or her voting behavior on the bench. See generally JEFFREY A. SEGAL & HAROLD J. SPAETH, THE SUPREME COURT AND THE ATTITUDINAL MODEL REVISITED (2002).

Israel Is The Body of Christ Today

Dispensational Suggested Reading List Here


Bible Studies
Dispensationalism: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
by Curtis I. Crenshaw and Grover E. Gunn, III (former dispensationalists)
House Divided: The Breakup of Dispensational Theology by Greg Bahnsen and Ken Gentry (former dispensationalist)
Dispensationalism: Rightly Dividing the People of God by Keith Mathison
The Church Is Israel Now: The Transfer of Conditional Privilege by Charles Provan
Jesus & Israel: One Covenant or Two?  By David E. Holwerda

Against Our Better Judgment: The hidden history of how the U.S.
was used to create Israel by Alison Weir
The Incredible Scofield and His Book by Joseph M. Canfield (former dispensationalist)  This book provides much evidence of Scofield’s willful misinterpretation of Scripture and that he was a moral scoundrel.
The Praise of Folly: The Enigmatic Life & Theology of C.I. Scofield by David Lutzweiler (former dispensationalist)
Death of the Church Victorious: Tracing the Roots and Implications of Modern Dispensationalism by Rev. Ovid Need (This book is loaded with history but not well written.)
The Rapture Plot by Dave MacPherson


Holy Bible
Westminster Confession of Faith – 1647
The Days of Vengeance: An Exposition Of The Book Of Revelation, by Rev. David Chilton (Defending Christianity)
Jesus Verses Jerusalem by Dr. Joel McDurmon

Most of these books can be found on:



Abortionist At Promise Community Health Center? NWC! Is It Proliphobia?

Homecoming October 1995, the board of trustees of Northwestern College (NWC), Orange City, IA, ostensibly a Christian college, held a ceremony to dedicate their then-new Bultman Center for Health, Physical Education and Intercollegiate Athletics (BCA) in the name of Dr. James Bultman, who led the fund-raising drive.  At the time Bultman was the President of NWC.  Rescue the Perishing was there that day flying  an airplane over their festivities pulling a banner which read: Dr Bultman: Why Cover For An Abortionist?  We were joined by a member of Redeemer United Reformed Church of Orange City, the late Elmer Reinders seen here in this picture (which was taken of Reinders at a later public protest of NWC).   Together, we passed out this flier to those attending the dedication ceremony.

It exposed the fact that the then-recent edition of the alumni publication (CLASSIC) which provided high  praise of Northwestern alumnus Dr. Leon Schimmel, left out the fact that he was a major Davis, CA abortionist.

We had a passionate caller from inside NWC’s administration office informing us that Schimmel had donated money to the BCA, but told us we couldn’t quote them nor would they provide us any records.  We never have been able to confirm it.  In this flier we cited our letter of warning to Bultman, “Your silence only compounds the problem. It does not bring about regeneration, repentance or restoration for Dr. Schimmel.”  Over the years mixed reports came in that some NWC constituents were very angry and some were thankful for our public rebuke.  (Separation of sheep and goats, that sort of thing.) The day of the event one Dutchman came close to assaulting Dorr.

But to God be the glory, one report came in 20 years later of a then young student whose parents came from out-of-state that weekend to attend homecoming with him.  The father took this flier going in to the dedication ceremony  and read it, listening to very little of the speakers.  In the parking lot afterwards the father turned to his son and said, “Christian College – Bullshit!” The son transferred out at semester break, did his undergraduate work at another university and later finished a professional school training elsewhere in Iowa. Over twenty years after we handed these out this man active in the medical community came to our office to thank Dorr saying, “God used you to open my eyes.”

Meanwhile, NWC’s silence over the last two decades has certainly compounded the problem with SchimmelHere he is pictured at a July 2017  visit to the Promise Community Health Center (PCHC) in Sioux Center, IA, then under the direction of the Nancy Dykstra.

Here was Paul Dorr’s post on PCHC’s FB wall exposing him, which was quickly deleted by PCHC soon after it was posted.

In an August 23, 2019 letter mailed to PCHC they were asked to provide a copy of their grant application and funding agreement for a recent $600,000 grant they’ve received, presumably from a government agency or a non-profit corporation used to route taxpayer money through. As of press time they have not responded to us.

PCHC’s web page is clear they provide family planning services starting with young people the age of 12.   Family planning violates Genesis 38:1-10. The common twisting of this text that Onan ‘refused his Kinsman-redeemer duties’ is not valid, as  Deut. 25:7a & 8b and Ruth 3:9 – where Ruth is seeking a ‘covering’ not marriage – demonstrates that marriage is optional, among various methods to preserve the deceased brother’s name and property.  We must necessarily conclude that Onan’s sin, as most of the early Reformers testified, was his monstrous act of “spilling his seed”….birth control.  Or in PCHC parlance “family planning”.  (1) See John Calvin’s commentary on Genesis 38 below.

So 12 Year Old Children Get Confidential Family Planning Services At PCHC?

PCHC states that “Through funding from the Family Planning Council of Iowa, Promise offers a full range of confidential family planning services…”  The Family Planning Council of Iowa also funds family planning “counseling”.  As PCHC is receiving grant money, depending on it’s source,  such money often stipulates the recipient to provide abortion referrals as a part of their “counseling.”

Even the Trump Administration’s new prohibition against making abortion referrals for groups receiving family planning Title X money (which is being challenged in court) still provides that “…they may still offer what the rule calls ‘nondirective counseling on abortion.’” (I.e. The address for the nearest abortion clinic, their phone number and what nurse to ask for.)

Van Ruler Likes Abortionist’s Visit To Sioux Center

Stephanie Van Ruler was one of the staff members who was instrumental in helping PCHC receive this $600,000 grant. See her recent interview here.

She was also one of the Facebook “Likes” to the PCHC July 2017 post about California abortionist Schimmel touring their facility and providing many “wonderful stories”.  See the 6th “Like” down on the black chart on this post on the abortionist’s visit.

Do family planning services at Promise Community Health Center include abortion referrals? This would include surgical abortions and Depo-Provera chemical abortions.

Contact us (confidentially) at or Ph 712-758-3660 if you have any inside information.

What’s Ultimately Driving This?  Is It Proliphobia?

Sexual revolution scholar E. Michael Jones has coined a word for the view held by most ‘near barren’ western nation leaders, pastors and married couples.  He calls it ‘proliphobia‘.  The selfish ‘semi-barren’ are no longer replacing themselves with the minimum average number of 2.1 children needed per married couple (average children today being 1.6) to sustain a national population.  As a result, they often need to assuage their guilty consciences.

They come to irrationally fear those ‘people groups’ who don’t share their selfishness.  Those in these ‘people groups’ are the ones who most often welcome lots of babies into their marriages and homes. God is using these other people to convict and intimidate historic Christian North American people.  Instead of repenting and seeking God’s guidance, the ‘semi-barren’ (who are often now also Marxist in their view of government) launch family planning programs designed to convince those in these other groups to be selfish like them!  This also assist the rationalization of their ‘near-barren’ generational suicide.

In his book, Libido Dominandi: The Sexual Revolution and Political Control Jones cites author Alfred Sauvy’s book, Excessive Force: Power Politics and Population Control, “The fear of seeing others multiply thus leads to a diminishing vitality, to a recrudescence of Malthusian attitudes in populations already sapped by demographic aging.  At the same time the populations that elicited those fear remain unaffected…The usual perils of preachers who  address only the already-converted are therefore compounded by the risk of reducing their very numbers from one generation to the next.” (p. 540, Jones)

Note: Tesla’s CEO and billionaire Elon Musk recently told an Artificial Intelligence conference in Shanghai that the greatest risk facing the globe today is “population collapse”.  Sadly, the folks at PCHC and many (most?)  NW Iowa Christians today simply don’t understand – try as they may – that God is not mocked with such selfishness!

A hint that this may be what is going on in Sioux Center is that PCHC founder Nancy Dykstra said a few years ago that she, “…became aware of the shifting demographics in Sioux County due to immigration.”   Don’t ever be fooled that such idealists like Dykstra are motivated by Christ honoring compassion, when they steal taxpayer money from their neighbors and future generations to provide health services for the poor.  Humanists do this all the time but why do ostensibly Christians join in such glory hounding, Christ-less labors of “charity”?)  They also declare, “In the past, they had to drive as far as Sioux City for the closest family planning clinic.”  Clearly in the past, there was little demand for such services in Sioux County.  Now that the selfishness is throughout most white Reformed Christian people their own guilt is compelling them to seduce the people groups from Mexico and other South American countries to join them.

Rescue the Perishing urges people from these other groups not to listen to the likes of PCHC.  Also don’t take their bait on inflationary living, large piles of debt, etc.  Just because historic North American Christians have made a cultural/demographic/financial suicide pact with the devil, using sexual perversion and debt, doesn’t mean you have to join with us.

(1) John Calvin on Onan’s sin . “Besides, in this way he [Onan] tried, as far as he was able, to wipe out a part of the human race. If any woman ejects a foetus from her womb by drugs, it is reckoned a crime incapable of expiation and deservedly Onan incurred upon himself the same kind of punishment, infecting the earth by his semen, in order that Tamar might not conceived a future human being as an inhabitant of the earth.” Calvin’s Commentary on Genesis 38:8-10, translated from the Latin

Who else agreed with Calvin that Gen. 38 affirmed God’s judgment by death of birth control within marriage?

Alting, Barth C., Bullinger, Bucer, Caryl, Dort (Synod of), Engelsma, the Geneva Bible, Gouge, Greenhill, Lange, Luther, Machen, Mather, Spurgeon, the Saxonian Confession, and many others.

Source: The Bible and Birth Control by Charles Provan, Zimmer Printing, Monongahela, PA

Courageous Young Reformed Pastor Who Stood Up To Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe

At the time of Robert Mugabe’s death this stand for Christ by a young pastor should now be remembered.

In February of 2002, Reformed pastor Rev. Dr. Derek Carlsen from Zimbabwe, in his mid-30s, married with three children (as memory serves), published open letters to Zimbabwean then-President Robert Mugabe and to the pastors of his country.  He did this at great risk to his life.  God blessed his obedience and spared his life while many other Christians were being persecuted, murdered and run out of Zimbabwe.  The letters can be found here: The President of Zimbabwe and here Letter to the President March 4th 2002 and here Open Letter to Pastors

Rev. Dr. Derek Carlsen and his family survived and now pastor a church in Illinois.


Put Rev. Carlsen’s stand in the context of this record of some of the atrocities of ROBERT G. MUGABE. And our political leaders hail him as the great statesman! (BTW the current president was his consigliari executing his orders!)

1981 900 lawyers killed when government soldiers fire on them to clamp out a protest in Harare

1982-1985 The Gukurahundi land seizes begin at least 30,000 Ndebele civilians were killed by the Zimbabwe National Army 80,000 could be the true figure

1983. Mugabe declares that “execution is the fate of anyone who forms a rival political party”

1983 Mugabe regime arrests a teacher , suspected of belonging to a political party. she is executed without trial in 1984

1983*: Mugabe regime arrests a lawyer , on suspicion of belonging to political party. He is executed in 1984.

1986 Mugabe regime murders hundreds of university students were protesting against tutorial fees in police custody. Although families are told they committed suicide by hanging, the regime denies them permission to view the autopsy report.

1986 Mugabe orders the execution of 220 military men after an attempted coup lead and expands this to include the interrogation and detention of thousands of civilians and human rights activists.

1987: Mugabe himself personally oversees the public hanging of a student for his participation in a peaceful Harare student demonstration.

1987*: Mugabe himself personally oversees the public hanging of a teacher , for her participation in a peaceful student demonstration

1988: Mugabe regime arrests hundreds of student for opposition group leaflets all are tortured to death in custody.

1988*: Mugabe regime murders 46 students who sang a banned hymn in a choir practice in custody.

1989*: Mugabe kills 179 teachers in the College of Engineering, in Harare . They are suspected of belonging to a rival political party.

1989*: Mugabe regime arrests over 300 students on suspicion that they belong to a rival political party. most are tortured to death in custody .

1989 Mugabe regime abducts and shoots 600 young Zimbabwean men in public

1989: Mugabe regime institutes policy of “mass arbitrary arrest, detention, torture and the death penalty” after promises of reform.

1989: Mugabe regime arrests vicar for reasons not clear he will die in custody by 1992.

1989: Mugabe regime detains a milkman for a protest over a fuel rise . He is held without trial or charges until his death from torture in 1994.

1990s decade overview State killings continue tens of thousands die from starvation disease and famine as a result of government policies and land reforms

1990: Mugabe regime murders a former Minister to Ian Smith for a joke about Mugabe wife.

1991-1995 Thousands of civilians die from starvation after land reform bill is passed and thousands more killed who oppose it

1996: Mugabe regime massacres 1270 political prisoners in less than 3 hours at Chikurubi Prison in Harare Government denies it took place for years. Many families still await word of their relatives.

1996: Forces order to fire on cricket fans in Harare because of praise of Australia team in world cup , 20-50 killed; many more injured.

1997 Mugabe executes 1 92 army chiefs for involvement in the 1993 attempted coup.

1998: Mugabe regime cracks down on opposition to white farmers being forced to give up land hundreds of blacks die after army open fire on protests on Harare suburb’s

2000s: Decade Overview 2000s: Mugabe regime’s repression and violence continue thousands continue to die from starvation

2000: Government steps up to get whites off land 78 white farmers killed and many more blacks who oppose it bulldozers come into tear down white farmers houses

2001: a 84 year old man was shot by Mugabe henchmen. He was protesting against the murder by the army of David Steven’s a white farmer who refused to give up his farm to a black .

2002 At least 700 are killed during election violence after opposition supporters were targeted

2003 Regime quashes staple food protest. Kills 16 unarmed civilians, both black and white .

2007 after a failed coup at least 7000 arrests 4980 are executed

2008 At least 1800 MDC supports are killed during election violence after opposition supporters were targeted hundreds more people die from injuries sustained from military brutality as many as 4,000 died from 3 month of campaigning from violence

2009 96 MDC supporters killed in prison for speaking out against Mugabe at UN summit

2009 Susan Tsvangirai was killed in a collision on the Harare-Masvingo Road although labelled a accident MDC claim Mugabe government tampered with car

2009: Mugabe regime prevents Amnesty International from meeting with families of the Chikurubi Prison massacre 32 family members were shot after a protest outside a courtroom

2010 Hundreds of artisanal diamond miners executed as he takes over the diamond fields.

2011: As the economic reaches all time low mass protests across cities and towns Mugabe regime brutally massacres 3000 unarmed peaceful demonstrators.

2012 : 6 Zimbabwean journalists for covering demonstrations are killed by guards in a prison

2013*: The Mugabe regime seizes the passports of high-ranking officials, holding them hostage in Harare -as an attempt to curb defections during election hundreds of cillivans die during violence on campaigning days .

2014 26 students were killed in custody for not singing the national; anthem on the day of Mugabe’s 90th birthday

2015 The Mugabe regime kills 46 local journalists from Harare for demanding a fall in petrol prices

2016 some 150 people at a Harare church are shot by police to prevent them holding a peaceful protest after Friday prayers. at least 200 more were detained There is no word as to their whereabouts presumed dead

2017 62 opposition group spokesperson die in police custody

2017 Grace Mugabe current wife is accused of poisoning MDC representatives

2017 November Mugabe aged 93 is forced to resign ending 37 year reign of terror, with hundreds of thousands killed by state brutality such as police killings, prison killings and targeted killings of groups of citizens as many as 3 million died of starvation and disease under his rule

Common-law 5th Amendment Plea

An attorney familiar with R.J. Rushdoony’s works on God’s Law and his writings on the 5th Amendment and a past law school student of James Duane (the best 5th Amendment law school professor in America) provided Rescue the Perishing this 5th Amendment plea.  We have friends who are laminating this plea and placing it in their bill-folds.  This is the real 5th Amendment.

“On the advice of my lawyer, I respectfully decline to answer on the basis of the Fifth Amendment, which—according to the United States Supreme Court—protects everyone, even innocent people, from the need to answer questions if the truth might be used to help create the misleading impression that they were somehow involved in a crime that they did not commit.”


Guilty: Sioux County Attorney Kunstle Recommends $650 Fine, Magistrate Charges $65: Why Dan Pluim There?

The verdict came in today in my 5th degree criminal mischief case in the Sioux County, Iowa District Court.  (Sioux County is heavily populated by Dutch Reformed Christians, who’ve let their once strong faith seriously backslide.)  I was found guilty.  I offered no defense of my actions as, per the

prior request of the Sioux County Attorney Tom Kunstle, the Cherokee County, IA Magistrate Lisa Mazurek (pictured above) previously denied my ability to present the very defense of my actions which I intended to argue.   As a result I also  waived my right for a Jury Trial because there was no way I would be acquitted by the narrow law being applied and the court-ordered limitations on my defense.  What I didn’t want was the enemies of God crowing, “He was found guilty by a Jury of his peers in the most conservative county in Iowa.”

After conviction, Kunstle  then recommended to the court that I pay the highest fine possible amount under the law: $650 plus court costs because my act was “so brazen”.  But Magistrate Mazurek assessed me the lowest amount of $65 plus court costs and surcharge, totaling $147.75.

Sioux County Magistrate Dan Pluim (pictured above), who had previously recused himself from the case without any real cause still showed up in the back row to watch the proceedings.

Meanwhile, see my full Press Release here.

More troubling, last week I presented a Motion to the Court which she never responded to.  All other Motions and Requests were acted on very promptly.  But this Motion, entered prior to waiving my Jury Trial, was to amend the  Jury instructions which County Attorney Kunstle had proposed for her approval.  I asked to  amend it to include instructions as to where the authority comes from for the Magistrate (or any Judge) to require the Jury to only rule on the facts and that they must use only the law the Magistrate provides them to determine if the facts conform to this law, or not.  To further understand my request see this copy of the Exhibit that was attached to my request of the Court.

I filed several other motions after that.  Before I waived my Jury Trial Magistrate Mazurek ruled on the later Motions but never responded to my Motion to amend the Jury instructions.  Silence!  Why?  Could it be that there is no authority in law and that for  400 years the principle, under Common-law (which also brought us ‘due process, ‘right to face our accusers, ‘ ‘right to examine evidence’,  ‘open court rooms’ (no more Star Chambers), et al),  has been well established until the last few generations, that  the Jury always retained the power to ignore or nullify the Judge’s orders?

Note: Sitting for voir dire once years ago I was asked by the attorney for one party that ‘If I was selected to be on the Jury panel would I be willing to swear an oath that only the Judge would be allowed to rule on the law and limit my vote to the facts applied to the law the Judge provided us.’  I asked the attorney who would be administering such an oath. He replied that it would be senior district #3A Judge  Frank B. Nelson.  I then turned to the Judge on the bench and said, “Then he’d be violating His oath of office to ensure the defendant is to be tried by a jury of his peers with all due process protections under the Iowa Constitution (Article 1, Section 9) including the Jury’s authority to rule on both the law and the facts.” I advised those in the courtroom to seek out the Jury Trial of William Penn back in England (whom Pennsylvania is named after) and read the history of how the Jury in his case was willing to go to prison before yielding up their power to void the King’s law against preaching.  (The King had sent the jury to jail until they came back and honored his unjust law and render  a guilty verdict.   Judge Nelson never disputed it, never looked up and simply grunted, “Dorr, you can go.”

One more note: I once asked Federal Judge O’Brien in US District Court in Sioux City on a point of law.  The question was, ‘what could he do to punish jurors if they decided during jury deliberations to ignore his orders forbidding them from ruling on the law? And instead voted to nullify it in the particular case before them.’  Red faced he replied, “Nothing”.  I replied, “Funny you didn’t tell those jurors that before you sent them off to deliberate.”

Sanctions on the career await any attorney who dare advise members of a Jury that they can rule to nullify the law as well as on the facts.

So why is this all important?
If I had been allowed by Magistrate Mazurek to argue the nature and cause of my case by dragging in a library board member and have them read from these filthy children’s books and then advise them that they can rule on the law as well as the facts, the possibility of my being acquitted by an Orange City , Iowa Jury would have been greatly enhanced.   Per the request of the Sioux County Attorney Tom Kunstle the game was “rigged” to deny me an acquittal before I ever walked into that courtroom.

Meanwhile,  prior to my sentencing I then closed with a portion of the national anthem of the Netherlands titled Wilhelmus, below, regarding William of Nassau-Orange – of whom Orange City, IA was named in honor of.   (Many in the media asked about this statement after the case was over).

Statement to Magistrate Lisa Mazurek prior to sentencing.

I would like my closing statement to be the recitation of the final two stanzas of Wilhelmus, the national anthem of the Netherlands. It was written in the 16th Century as a gift to William of Nassau of the House of Orange aka William the Silent. And it was penned as if it was in first person, telling his story.  William of Nassau was the leader of the Dutch independence movement breaking from the rule of the King of Spain.

One hundred years later it was conceived essentially as the anthem of the House of Orange-Nassau and its supporters.

Finally, according to Wikipedia (which is not always reliable) the melody of this song is used, with rewritten English lyrics, as the alma mater of Northwestern College here in Orange City.  This city is named for the House of Orange.  And here in Sioux County, Nassau Township lies just south of Hwy 10 here in Orange City.

Your honor:  Wilhelmus

“…Pray God that He may ease you. His Gospel be your cure. Walk in the steps of Jesus. This life will not endure.  Unto the Lord His power I do confession make, That ne’er at any hour Ill of the King I spake.  But unto God, the greatest of majesties I owe obedience, first and last, For Justice wills it so.”

I closed stating, Your honor I burned those books because I, too, owe obedience  unto the living God that I serve and to provide justice to the children of Orange City.  Like William of Orange, it is His standard of justice I submitted to.  And now I place myself in your hands madam.

Motion to Recuse Magistrate Lisa Mazurek From Book Burning Case, et al Filed July 29, 2019

Motions Filed With Sioux County District Court Monday morning, July 29, 2019, regarding 5th degree Criminal Mischief Charge Made Against Paul R. Dorr accused of burning library books.

Motion to Recuse

Withdrawal of Affidavits
Motion to Continue
Motion to Change Venue
Amended Motion Dismiss
Motion In Limine to Suppress

What Too Many Reformed & Evangelical Girls Have Never Been Taught!

Motherhood is, at best, a minor annoyance to most married Christian women today, as they drop their child(ren) off at the daycare.  (Few advised them of the massive student debt they’d incurr while often earning a college degree of limited value.) Their career too often dominates their life. Their child(ren) are growing further apart from them and worse, from God.  Many such mothers then are reduced to trying to ‘buy’ their child’s love.

Young mothers – consider below the eternal perspective and the concentrated power to form lives for Christ that you possess.  This was written  160 years ago and still remains as powerful today!
“Let us take as an illustration, the case of the mother of a family. The cares of a family are numerous and heavy; and there are many instances, in which it is impossible for a mother, and head of a house, to be engaged in much external ministry for God. But if she be willing to serve Him, she need not be disheartened.

Is not home a little world in itself, and is not she, either for good or evil, the grand influence of home, much, most of it taking its tone from her? Would that Christian mothers recognized more, the great opportunities and responsibilities of home ministry; that they saw how the very fact of their influence being concentrated, gave it force! The charge of gunpowder, which occupies but a little space, sends the shot to a long-distance; what mother can tell, how far her concentrated influence will send her children, in the career of holiness, and usefulness among their fellows.

There is ministry in a Mother’s look. It has re-appeared in after life, amid the gleaming eyes which burn with unhallowed fires; and succoured the tempted one by the memory of its solemn, soft, and holy gaze.

There is ministry in a mother’s voice. It has re-echoed, after many years in the chambers of the memory, and warned in deep mysterious tones, as though it now came from another world, and cheered, and soothed, with even more than the power it possessed in earlier days, as though it were privileged to speak with the soft melody of heaven.

Yes! There is ministry even in a mother’s touch; and long after the hand from which it came, is cold in the motionless solitude of the tomb, it’s impress remains in living power. A mysterious hand from the invisible world traced the sentence of Belshazzar’s ruin; this hand, mysterious and invisible also, leaves imprinted on the heart, words at once of warning and of love – words of most powerful warning, because words of love.

… Yes! Christian mothers, God requires testimony and ministry from you, in your own circles. If you be limited to them, by Him, He will accept your home ministry, and he will not leave you without a reward. You shall act upon the world, from the recesses of your own sanctified home; the ministry which you carried on for God upon the child at your knee, shall have a place, not in the annals of the world alone; your sons will perhaps be the fathers of God-fearing, and God praising families; they will perhaps minister in the public service of the sanctuary; they will salt the society in which they move. It may be, that your daughters, as mothers, will reproduce your influence, the circle widening with every generation; and thus (provided God has limited your circle) show you, if you minister in it for Him, throw forth circles ever-widening more and more, so that you, being dead, shall speak, and live, and move in influence, long after you have departed in the flesh.”

Rev. Philip Bennett Power, M.A., Christ Church, Worthing, West Sussex, England,  I Will: Determinations of the Man of God, as found in some of the “I Wills” of the Psalms, p. 75-76, © 1860, Reprint Pranava Books, India